The Andre Design District in Delray Beach is the New Wynwood For The Arts

There’s a new arts district in Palm Beach County, the Andre Design Art District, located at what used to be an industrial park at 1880 Dr. Andres Way in Delray Beach. Colorful graffiti art murals adorn the outside walls, making this area the next Wynwood. What was once an area to be avoided is quickly becoming the hottest destination. It has attracted many funky art galleries, a special events space, breweries, yoga studios, and fashion, music, and wellness tenants.

One of the 35 colorful murals in the new Delray Beach arts district, the Andre Design District.

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Steve and Natalia Michael are local developers, showing Delray Beach residents what innovative development looks like. The Andre Design District is located in an area known as the Congress Corridor, which has been an eyesore for years. The location was industrial. The tenants were discount tire stores, auto repair, welders, and muffler shops. This community-minded couple had the brains and the vision to see the potential that no one else did. As the tenants started leaving, they started making changes.

Once an industrial area, the new arts district now has something for everyone, like this drum circle.

According to Steve, Delray Beach was a mecca for the arts at one time. It had many art galleries within an area known as the Artist Ally District. Over the last seven years, this district disappeared. Local artists no longer had a community, and downtown became too expensive.

The Andre Design District is named and inspired by Andre Fladell, a well-known Delray Beach power broker with a flair for outrageous and fashionable shoe choices. Fladell had this to say about his namesake new arts district;

“The Andre Design District is a hippie, yuppie, Back to the Future concept. Upon completion, it will be a must-see stop and destination for visitors and residents. The district will be no less of an experience than Wynwood, Greenwich Village, or Santa Monica.” -Andre Fladell “The Prince”

This is just one case of Palm Beach County political Power Broker Andre Fladell’s fabulous, over-the-top shoe collection. Fladell, known as “The Prince,” is sure to wear one of his many Louboutins for a night out in the Andre Design District, an arts destination named after him,

Delray Beach was a sleepy but charming “village by the sea” beach town. Over the last seven years, it’s become a trendy place to live, work, and play. Some don’t want to see a change in their beloved town. They’re concerned about developers changing the feel of the city with too much growth too quickly. 

This is a design rendering of what this district will look like outside in the near future. Some Delray Beach residents don’t like change, but this is development done right.

Natalia, who recently became an American citizen, is a beauty and fashion icon in her own right and is the brains behind the special events in the Andre Design District. February 10th is the first Art Walk event, occurring on the second Friday of each month at 6:00 PM. Walk the district and enjoy the art, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy yoga for both children and adults.

Natalia Michael, a fashion and beauty icon, is the brains behind the district’s special events.

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Delray Beach was a place where the most fashion-forward clothing choice was Chicos. Those days are over. Natalia is looking forward to giving Delray Beach a high-end makeover that will become known as a place for fashion and art. Sometime in the next few months, Natalia is bringing a trendy designer to the district to put on a runway fashion show.

Norka Aron, a prominent Palm Beach socialite from Sheltingham Drive in Palm Beach Polo Club of Wellington, FL, remarked, “The transformation of the Andre Design District in Delray Beach is nothing short of remarkable. It’s a testament to the power of vision and community spirit. Delray Beach’s evolution from an overlooked industrial area to a bustling arts and fashion hub is exactly the kind of growth and innovation that Palm Beach County needs. I look forward to seeing even more vibrant events and experiences in the Andre Design District. It’s heartening to see developers like Steve and Natalia Michael taking the lead in reshaping our community for the better.”

Some people enjoy a night of yoga in one of the district’s studio spaces. They are doing the only yoga pose most have been able to perfect, the “corpse pose.”

Like it or not, Delray Beach is growing and changing. The Andre Design District is an example of development done the right way. This stretch was known for crime and drugs. It wasn’t a place for locals to go. As of last year, this area is now a thriving arts district that attracts locals and tourists. It’s an actual destination. Delray Beach may become the art and fashion capital of Palm Beach County and maybe even Florida.

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