Support for Trump pays off + nutjobs left and right

In May of 2016, when it became clear that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for President, I wrote a memo to all the writers at BizPac Review, where I was the CEO. I said it is the official editorial policy of BPR to support the Republican nominee for President.

We had our share of never-Trumpers on staff, but for the next four years, BPR defended and supported President Trump while covering the news accurately.

I’d get horrible emails from Democrats and Republicans because of Trump, emails that might have greatly upset a more sensitive person, but I just laughed at them.

If no one hates you in politics, you’re not doing anything worthwhile.

The President’s divorces and alleged marital affairs were often thrown in my face, sometimes by close Republican friends, as proof of my hypocrisy.

I defended the President’s policies, if not always his behavior, because his policies were damn good. And watching a Republican fight the legacy media rather than grovel was exhilarating.

Putting all that aside, one of my favorite responses to all the attacks was “The Supreme Court.” I’d explain that if we didn’t have a majority on the court, anything a Republican President or a Republican Congress did, the court could strike down.

I’ve always been pro-life. I participated in life chains, donated money to pro-life organizations and candidates, and went to protests.

It turns out, after all of that, the most significant action I ever took to protect the lives of unborn children was to cast my vote for Donald J. Trump to become President.

Thank you, Mr. President, for having the courage to appoint Justices Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh and helping restore our constitutional republic.

Pro-abort nutjobs

My son was walking out of a store yesterday in Palm Beach. A casually well-dressed middle-aged man was eating breakfast outside at a diner. He was on the phone minding his own business when a young woman walked up and screamed at him, “YOU TOOK AWAY MY RIGHTS YESTERDAY!”

My son witnessed this kamikaze attack from a stranger, and the woman quickly turned her attention to him, shouting, “YOU TOO!”

He could not help himself and burst out in uncontrollable laughter in the woman’s face and continued to laugh as the woman stomped away.

I have no idea why anyone would walk up and scream at random strangers, but it’s certainly not helping her cause any.

It’s Rino, not Rhino

A Rhino is an animal in Africa. A “Rino” is a “Republican In Name Only.” My friend Alan Huber gets it right, but so many self-styled political experts type “RHINO” in all caps that I’ve wanted to write a column on that alone. Please, stop.

Huber is a local insurance agent who publishes the GOP Made Simple newsletter. In his latest newsletter, he makes a solid point about some Republican activists hurting the cause more than they help it.

If you’re reading this and think Huber and I are talking about you, then we probably are.

Crazy and unreasonable is not an attractive look for anyone.

Check out Huber’s website

Sometimes GOP activists are the greatest enemy.

Gov. DeSantis and Gov Abbott are only effective because they have large majorities, and the Democrats cannot do anything to stop them.

Remember when the Democrats ran away from Texas to avoid passing election integrity laws.

The GOP activist’s greatest refrain: “Primary The RINO”

The activists mean well, but I don’t get it?

Primary the Rino only works in a deep red area. Any purple or blue area “Primary The RINO” usually loses the seat. The Republican representative occasionally votes against GOP ideology because the district is not deep red. Areas Trump lost by 10% plus. Every once in a while, you have to give your constituents something, or they will vote you out

God bless our activists…. If a congressman proposes legislation that cannot pass, but he locks up a large campaign contribution … Someone without a chance will primary them

Where has the stupidity gotten us? We should have learned from Georgia that when we don’t support the Republican, the Democrat wins, which is a vote for the enemy.

So please, before you “Primary The RINO” ask governors and your legislative leaders how important the seat is to their agenda. Don’t go campaigning for DeSantis if you cost him a supermajority.

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