‘Stolen Valor’ AI Trump Images Divide Conservatives – ‘Legit Thought These Were Real’

A series of viral AI-generated images depicting Former President Donald Trump in a military uniform has the internet deeply divided, with some laughing at the fake photos and others decrying them as “stolen valor.” Brigette Gabriel, a Trump voter and founder of the conservative group ACT For America, posted the images on her Twitter account Monday evening. Above the pictures, she included a variety of captions, including “This is what a president looks like,” “President Trump is defending America in ways Biden will never comprehend,” and “President Trump is a modern-day founding father.”

The various doctored images included depictions of Trump as a special forces operator, a Revolutionary War minuteman, and an Army soldier on deployment in the woods.

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Soon after the images were posted, Twitter slapped them with a “community notes” entry, clarifying that they were fake and that reiterating that Trump had never served in the military.

The posts have received nearly 22,000 comments, many of which are from conservative accounts that accused Gabriel of promoting “stolen valor.”

“Your AI #fakephoto is VERY insulting to those that actually serve in military!” – Lynn (@1ynmacjay)

“Straight up stolen valor. Disgusting” – PhotographicFloridian (@JackLinFLL)

“I still think this is quite rude to actual veterans.” – drewisgod6372 (@Andrew94722910)

Another commenter, who described himself as a disabled Army veteran, wrote, “Nothing but stolen valor. Absolutely disgusting.”

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Not everyone was outraged by the computer-generated images, however. Other Twitter users defended the fakes, saying that others on the website needed to lighten up.

One self-described Marine veteran wrote,

“Leftists are losing their minds calling this “Stolen Valor”. This isn’t. All presidents, even senile Joe Biden is “Commander in Chief”. People’s bias against Trump is blinding them. #SemperFi” – Joshua T. Hosler (@JoshuaHosler)

In response to a Twitter account trying to call out Gabriel for stolen valor, another commenter wrote,

“This isn’t stolen valor. But it is funny you tagged all these accts as though it is. I can assure you that they’re all laughing at you. I know I am.” – AwakenedOutlaw (@AwakenedOutlaw)

Another commenter replied,

“chill…it’s a meme…it won’t hurt you…calm down… Gees you people have no sense of humor..” – Lisa (@backwoodhillbi1)

As of Wednesday morning, the three images received nearly 20,000 likes.

The “soldier Trump” AI images come just over a month after a similar trend went viral on Twitter, where during the ongoing indictment and arraignment of the Former President, Twitter accounts shared computer-generated photos of him evading arrest in a series of scenes similar to an action flick.

“Legit thought these were real,” one commenter wrote. “We should really be putting watermarks on these that disclose they are AI generated and not real.”

AI Generated Trump Photo
Computer-Generated Image of Trump Evading Arrest via OpenAI


“Good lord it’s going to be a long few years before you realize AI generated images are so good now you can’t tell anymore.” – Chris Coble (@ChrisCoble)

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