Sam Stern’s First Fundraiser for Palm Beach County State Attorney Is a Winner

Republican Candidate for Palm Beach County State Attorney Sam Stern held his first political fundraiser, graciously held by an impressive Palm Beach couple, including a “who’s who” of Palm Beach County politicos and significant donors, at their stunning home.

His host committee included notable politicians, well-known people from the business community, and an ambassador. Attendees walked away confident that Stern, with his impressive background and work ethic, could be the first Republican in decades to win this seat and ensure that Palm Beach County remains safe and secure. Stern walked away with incredible support and much money for his rapidly increasing war chest. 

Republican Sam Stern is running for Palm Beach County State Attorney.


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Stern’s six-figure campaign account is impressive. He’s a relative newcomer who entered this race only a few months ago. By comparison, his Republican primary opponent brought in a measly fourteen hundred-ish dollars, proving he’s not a serious contender. The reality is that this will be a seven-figure race, and we need to get behind the candidate who can beat a Democrat who will also be heavily funded. Sam Stern is that guy. He’s the real deal, and he’s the chance to have a significant victory for a seat that in the past didn’t seem like a possibility for a Republican. 

From left: Attorney Michael Furnari, Lobbyist Matt Spritz, Candidate for State Attorney Sam Stern, FAU Trustee Barbara Feingold, Florida Jolt Publisher and owner Jack Furnari, Florida Jolt Editor at Large Tracy Caruso

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Three Palm Beach County State Representatives, Mike Caruso, Peggy Gossett-Seidman, and Rick Roth, have endorsed Stern. Reps Caruso and Roth spoke at Stern’s event about the importance of the seat and why we must get behind Stern. 

Full Disclosure: I have endorsed Stern.

A vote for Sam Stern is for integrity, hard work, and law and order. Don’t let his opponent, New York City, our Palm Beach County.

~State Representative Mike Caruso 

The State Attorney is arguably the most critical county-wide position because it affects our daily lives. A state attorney is a lawyer representing the government in criminal cases at the state level. They are responsible for prosecuting individuals accused of committing crimes and seeking justice on behalf of the state. They work closely with law enforcement agencies to build cases and uphold the laws. 

From Sam Stern’s inspirational speech,

There has not been an election for State Attorney in 12 years, and there will be a new State Attorney after this one.  It is a significant job with the serious responsibility of keeping this community safe.  Yet we have seen what happens in other communities when the wrong person is elected as the chief prosecutor.  SF, LA, NY, Chicago, Etc.  People like Soros understand that for a fraction of the cost of other elections, they can change a community through the election of chief prosecutor.  The problem in those communities is not the sheriffs or the police chiefs, it is the person responsible for prosecuting crime.  Rick Bradshaw is a great sheriff, and a great sheriff deserves a great State Attorney to partner with.  I am excited to work with him to keep this community safe. ~Candidate for PBC State Attorney Sam Stern

From Left: Broker Blake Papaglia, Host of Public Square Live on Real Americas Voice and Turning Point USA Contributor Erin Elmore, Realtor & Republican Advocate Andrea Sikorsky

Palm Beach broker, investor, and developer Blake Papaglia had this to say,

I’m getting married in August to my fiancé, Kristina. We live and work in Palm Beach County and plan to start a family. We want to ensure that our county is safe for our children. We need the right person in office. Sam Stern has vowed to work in partnership with our incredible sheriff to keep us all safe. He is the right person for this position. ~Blake Papaglia

From Left: Commerical Real Estate Developer Steve Michael. President of PBC Young Republicans, Ashton Munholland, Global Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney Kristina Pryzbylski, Broker Blake Papaglia

The state attorney decides whether to pursue criminal charges or dismiss them. They protect the state’s and its citizens’ interests in the criminal justice system.

As Sam Stern said in his speech,

And always remember that it was on this night and in this place that we came together and went on to win this election.

The first significant event for this race has made the statement that Sam Stern has an incredible groundswell of support and has the chops to do this. 

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