Joe LaFauci Holds Impressive Kickoff for PBC GOP State Committeeman

Candidate Joe LaFauci held a reception at Cucina Palm Beach on Tuesday to support his run for Republican State Committeeman of Palm Beach County, drawing an impressive crowd.

Every county in the state has a Republican Committeeman and a Republican Committeewoman, and they, along with the county chair, represent the local party at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

It’s an important position but little known outside of politico circles, even though it’s a county-wide race and every registered Republican has an opportunity to vote in the election.

Full Disclosure: I have endorsed LaFauci and contributed to his campaign.

LaFauci crowd
Crowd at LaFauci’s event


LaFauci and Aguirre
Joe LaFauci with candidate for GOP nomination, State Representative, District 94 Anthony Aguirre

Running against LaFauci is a 79-year-old political gadfly named Ron Howard. This is the second time Howard has run for Republican State Committeeman. The first time he ran was in 1984, so his latest run marks the 40th anniversary of his first losing campaign for State Committeeman. Howard first ran for political office 56 years ago, when he was elected “judge of elections” of a township outside Philadelphia.

Howard has long bounced between political parties. He won a Palm Beach County County Commission seat as a Republican in 1988 and later ran for the U.S. House as a Democrat in 1994 and lost. You can read about this clown in a revealing article by the Tampa Bay Times in 1998 when he was again running as a Democrat for Education Commissioner.

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Howard’s schizoid political career is enough to turn anyone off, but I’d like to add something of my own. I’m tired of all these old people who should be eating creamed spinach and watching reruns of Bonanza running for office. The party needs younger people with a modern skill set. People with Twitter accounts who are already using AI and can move at internet speed because, like it or not, that’s the world we live in. Is that “ageist?” Damn straight, it’s ageist. Age isn’t “just a number.” It’s a countdown to diminished cognitive skills and death. I’m at the beginning of my old guyhood, so I’m not afraid to say it.

The Republican Party needs to start attracting younger people. I don’t want a guy who was a County Commissioner before the internet existed representing me. I want to elect the best because even if I may not be around in twenty years, I have a son who will be.

Another Republican from Boynton Beach, Jason Kulp, a former police officer and realtor who moved here during COVID, also filed this month. I never heard of him before and no one I know has either, so I don’t think he’ll be much of a factor in this race.

Jodi Schwartz, a candidate for Republican State Committeewoman of Palm Beach County, Michael Furnari, and District 4 Palm Beach County Commissioner Marci Woodward.
Sara Baxter and Tom Turkin
District 6 Palm Beach County Commissioner Sara Baxter and Boynton Beach Vice-Mayor Tom Turkin
Yours truly, Jack Furnari, with District 4 Palm Beach County Commissioner Marci Woodward.


You can find out more about Joe LaFauci by visiting his website 

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