‘Queer’ Pediatrician Admits ‘Gender Affirming Care’ Causing Bone Disease, Infertility

A California pediatrician specializing in transgender “healthcare” for children has admitted that the puberty blockers and hormones she gives her young patients have led to severe medical complications, according to a new report, in a private online seminar hosted by Dr. Erin Baroni — also known as “QueerMD” on TikTok — the pediatrician told her audience that the puberty blockers she gives her young patients carry a serious risk of the bone disease osteoporosis, while the cross-sex hormones she administers can leave both boys and girls infertile.

Baroni, a certified pediatrician, and instructor at UCLA, uses “she/they” pronouns. According to a report by Daily Mail, Baroni recently hosted a seminar with “dozens” of medical students, where she offered instruction on providing sex reassignment care for children.

Baroni reportedly admitted to giving puberty blockers to children as young as eleven and other sex reassignment treatments to children as young as seven. The pediatrician described to the students how ‘gender-affirming care’ can have devastating side effects for young patients but insisted that those complications are not something that “really impedes treatment.”

“With the bone density concerns and fertility issues … we don’t see these as things that are contraindications to treatment or something that really impedes treatment,”

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“[We] try to outline what we might be monitoring: risks, benefits, reversible, irreversible things, and really have a thoughtful conversation about things from a true medical and study standpoint,” Baroni said of the side effects, while still insisting that they are oftentimes worth the risk in order to treat ‘gender issues.’

“We’re always taking into account what is happening for the individual in the room… How some of these interventions and affirming things we can do are going to help that person function better, while also knowing the effects of treatment.”

‘Landmark’ Study-Suicide Rates, Mental Illness, Higher Among Transgenders

According to the Daily Mail report, Baroni is originally from Texas and partly hosted the private seminar to commemorate Pride month.

She is connected to multiple clinics in the UCLA system, including locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. By her admission, she has provided sex reassignment care to patients aged seven to 72. Baroni’s TikTok channel, where she offers advice to medical professionals on transgender medicine, has thousands of followers.

The “QueerMD” doctor argues that the treatments are medically necessary to treat depression in people with gender dysphoria and frequently outweigh the risk of osteoporosis and infertility posed by hormonal therapies.

Absent from Baroni’s seminar is a discussion about the number of child gender dysphoria patients who grow up to regret undergoing irreversible trans treatments, including many who are now suing their former physicians.

While the exact percentage of patients who grow up to regret their decision is unknown, the Daily Mail estimates it to be upwards of 25 percent. The “Detransition” forum on Reddit currently has more than 48,100 subscribers.

In the past year, 20 Republican-led states have passed laws restricting doctors from performing trans procedures on minors.

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