‘Hogwash’ Says Fabio – Romance Publisher Claims Women Want Soft ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Men 

According to one book publisher, former 80s icon Fabio is a 225-pound, 6’3 romance novel cover model whose hunky look has gone out of style. They say that women these days want ‘cinnamon roll’ kind types and ‘golden retriever’ men with a ‘floppy and sweet’ energy. Fabulous, Fabio says fooey.

Fabio is a former model who has been on the cover of many romance novels. His chiseled good looks were considered an ideal fantasy. In 2023, publishers say no more. People want softer, more cuddly types, and they’re done with hard-bodied masculine types.

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According to the NY Post;

His flowing locks, chiseled chest, incredibly ripped abs, muscular arms, and deep brown, mesmerizing eyes were irresistible to female romance novel readers — and even some males. Sometimes alone, tightly gripping a swooning beauty, Fabio could be found on throbbing titles like “Savage Promises,” “Golden Temptation,” and “Hearts Aflame,” always leaving readers wanting more.

In 2023, in the age of woke, sexy ‘bodice ripper’ types are out, and androgynous men with a one-pack and a mushy demeanor are in. 

This is a typical romance novel cover, complete with a rugged-sounding title. Publishers say this is old-fashioned.

A slew of the new generation of romance books are transitioning to “soft masculinity”: lovers who give readers “the warm fuzzies,” according to trade magazine Publishers Weekly.

Kaitlin Olson, a senior editor at Atria, a division of Simon & Schuster, told Publishers Weekly, “More readers are asking for ‘cinnamon rolls’ — described as sweet, supportive and kind types of dudes, and ‘golden retrievers’ — men sporting floppy energy and a positive attitude.”

It gets better. Publishers Weekly says that; “squishy-centered men” in the soon-to-be-released books “typify the changing face of attraction.”

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood was a popular romance novel in 2022. The protagonist was an awkward scientist that oozed a nerdy, sweet quality. Publishers are saying that’s what people want today.

 “Hogwash!” Fabio Lanzoni, the multimillionaire retired cover boy star of romance novels, told the NY Post. 

I asked some women what they would like to see on a romance novel cover, and none of them believed that anyone wanted someone soft. One immediately proceeded to search the most popular romance novel types. The popular ones were cops, firemen, pirates, and hockey players. This is a fantasy, after all. 

Fabio on romance novel covers, featuring him as a rogue, a pirate, and a Viking. This is now viewed as toxic masculinity by woke publishers.

Here’s what some women had to say:

I showed Francesca Daniels of Boca Raton some photos of book covers. She was team “bodice ripper” all the way and said that she’s “had a few in her life.”

Lisa Furnari, the wife of Florida Jolt’s Jack Funari, says,

“A brash, funny, traditionally masculine guy as the main character would be appealing in a romance novel.”

Beth Robb of North Palm Beach, who is married to health and wellness guru Jay Robb had this to say;

I like the men in romance novels to be like my man in real life. Strong, courageous, and sexy! A little bad boy energy. I want him to take charge in bed. As a strong woman in my daily life and at work, it turns me on when my buff, rugged man comes in and takes me. Sweeps me off my feet every time. 


Two romance cover options. The left represents the old, and the right represents the new.

I’m with Fabio, who, at sixty-four, still looks like the fantasy of ultimate masculinity. In real life, people may want to date and marry a nice, kind dentist, who hasn’t worked out in a decade, but that’s not what they dream about.

Bring on the ‘toxic masculinity,’ otherwise known as real men.

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