PBCJolt Interviews Marina Hofman of Moms for America

Marina Hofman, Ph.D., is a homeschool mom to a sweet 3-year-old daughter, Willow, and shares with us how the inspiring examples of mothers in the Bible are models of courage and faith amid opposition and teach us about faith, life, and parenting. She is also a Bible professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, award-winning author of Women In The Bible Small Group Bible Study, and President of Moms for America’s Palm Beach County chapter.

JF: Tell us about the miracle of your daughter, Willow?

Daughter Willow HoffmanMH: Eight years ago, I was in a car wreck that resulted in many injuries and the diagnosis that I would not be able to conceive a child. By God’s grace, I conceived little Willow. Amazingly, my wild girl kicked out all my remaining deep scar tissue during my pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones relieved me of the depression, anxiety, and severe PTSD I suffered from the car accident. So, Willow’s life is truly a miracle, and she continues to bring me joy and meaning every day.

JF: What led you to study women in the Bible?

MH: After my car crash, I faced many limitations and turned to the Bible for inspiration. Many people today face fear and uncertainty, and I wanted to share/encourage them with the hope I found. The stories of women in the Bible said much about courage, leadership, triumph, and overcoming—and presented/gave me the message of hope that I desperately needed.

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JF: Why should the women of the Bible matter to us today?

MH: We teach boys to respect girls and women—but why should they? Well, one reason is that God highly values women. We want girls to know that God has done incredible things through women, and God will use the girls of this generation as well—and they can overcome every social and cultural limitation.

The role models we present to our children have the power to shape their young minds and souls. Talking about the characters of the Bible teaches kids about what God thinks of them and how much God loves them. It teaches kids what they can accomplish with God’s help and that their lives and their choices make a difference in this world, and how to respond to challenges.

JF: Who is your favorite mom in the Bible?

Marina HoffmanMH: Hannah! She struggled to conceive a child—and she brings her impossible situation to God in honest, emotional-filled prayer, then trusts God. When Hannah is done praying and pouring out her heart, the Bible says something remarkable: Hannah “went her way and ate something, and her face was no longer downcast” (1 Samuel 1:18). This shows that Hannah trusted God during her pain, and she had faith that God could work a miracle in her life. Then, despite her sorrow, Hannah held her head up high and moved forward. She is a beautiful example of faithfulness.

JF: How does the story of Hannah inspire you?

MH: Hannah demonstrates that we can trust God with our painful situations and challenges—and we can move forward in faith and let God carry our burdens. We can trust God despite every situation that seems impossible. Like Hannah, we can be faithful in the midst of our challenges—committing everything to God in prayer and allowing God carry our burdens.

JF: What encouragement can you offer parents today?

Marina HoffmanMH: Be present. Take the bold step of turning off electronics and everything that buzzes, putting them out of sight, and then do an activity just with your child. For me, that’s often puzzles. We love to do puzzles together. And, of course, being present is not easy. When I sit down with Willow, I think of everything I should be doing and my unanswered emails. But, after practicing being present for a while now, it only takes a moment, and I find myself wrapped up in our activity and watching my daughter figure everything out. And it is beautiful, and it’s real. It’s entirely human.

This is a way forward to finding meaning and purpose in our lives. It’s doing the things that truly matter—investing in the lives of the people we most love and, in turn, creating rich memories that are full of joy and wonder and moments that matter.

JF: How can we learn more about your perspective of women in the Bible?

MH: Your readers can watch a free video series on how we can personally connect to the stories of women in the Bible at www.womeninthebible.info, and they will find an 8–week “Women In The Bible Small Group Bible Study” that highlights the leadership, strength, character, and courage of women in the Bible to bring them hope and encouragement on Amazon.

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