Past Lawsuit Reforms Insufficient: Floridians Demand Holistic Insurance Overhaul in Upcoming Session

Dear Florida Jolt Editor,

As Florida’s legislators begin to meet again in preparation for the next legislative session, I think we are all wondering if the work has been completed on property insurance reform. I ask that question for one reason. My rates are still going up. I and a lot of other property owners feel the exact same way, and I am sure that many renters – both home renters and small business renters – are feeling the pinch from rising rents all due to higher insurance rates.

However, let me encourage our legislators not to back away from the lawsuit reform package that was passed last session. I think that was important because lawsuits were out of control in Florida. I read one stat that indicated that while only about 10% of the nation’s insurance claims come out of Florida, we were responsible for over 70% of the nation’s litigation over insurance claims. That makes rates higher for everyone. Maybe we need to look at some more regulatory reforms, some more crack-downs on fraud which is a major problem in SE Florida, and maybe some reforms to Citizens Property Insurance. We can’t just tackle one thing and expect it all to be ok within months.

Ruth Villamizar
Boca Raton, FL

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