Help Fight Hamas With Kidnapped From Israel Posters

You’ve seen the posters of Hamas kidnapped Jewish innocents, the faces of little children and kindly-looking grandmas, and you’ve seen countless videos of the signs being ripped down by antisemites in this country. Still, they can’t rip them all down, and every decent person should help distribute them somehow.

The people ripping down the posters do so out of hate and because they’re aware that a major war has begun possibly the third world war. That fight is already here in America, but for now, it’s a war fought only with propaganda.

Antisemites, or as they refer to themselves, pro-Palestinians, are politically allied with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. They understand that Hamas needs as much money as it can get, and reminders of dead, mutilated Jewish babies may slow the Biden Admin’s flow of cash to Gaza and Iran. They don’t want you to remember the innocent Jews butchered and kidnapped. They want us to get bombarded by photos of dead Gazans so we’ll forget the Jews, turn on Israel and demand a ceasefire before Israel can finish off Hamas.

That cannot be allowed to happen.

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The Palestinians, or more appropriately, Gazans, will suffer civilian casualties. Gazan babies will also die, but the difference between Hamas and Israel is that Israel obeys the rules of modern warfare and does everything possible to avoid civilian casualties.

The animals of Hamas decapitated babies and raped and killed civilians for no purpose other than to terrorize Jews. Men who commit such barbarism cannot be allowed to live. Israel must destroy Hamas once and for all.

Distribute These Posters Wherever You Can

Database recreated by Florida Jolt Editor & Technology Operations Director Lisa Gaal

I wrote in a column in 2009 that good men must always confront evil.

“War is an ugly endeavor. Human beings kill other human beings, and as children of God, all of us are diminished by the violence of war. But good men must always confront and defeat evil, or the world descends into barbarism.” ~Jack Furnari

To defeat terrorists hiding among civilians, civilians will end up dying, and that is tragic, but Hamas must be wiped from the face of the earth, no matter what the cost, and by any means necessary.

Most people who support Israel and civilization aren’t big on hanging posters in the street, but you can post them on social media, put them in your emails, etc.

Don’t let anyone forget how this started.

From the LA Times.

The project, “Kidnapped from Israel,” is an idea from Nitzan Mintz and her partner, known as Dede Bandaid, two street artists from Tel Aviv who were in New York when Hamas launched its early morning incursion Oct. 7. According to the Israeli military, 222 people were abducted and about 1,400 Israeli citizens and soldiers were killed in the rampage by Hamas militants.

Believe it or not, until a few days ago. It wasn’t easy to find the poster database. It wasn’t showing up in Google, and articles didn’t link to the database. That’s changed now.

Everyone has a role to play in this war. We can remember, and we can remind others.

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