Palm Beach County School Board Says Palestinian Sympathizer Stays

If a “From the River to the Sea” pro-Palestinian teacher was instructing your elementary school-aged child and you found out about it, there’s a good chance you would say there’s no way this is happening, and you’d yank your kid out of that class.

You may not know it, but one of these pro-Palestinian teachers is currently teaching in a Palm Beach County classroom right now because woke school officials have concluded after an investigation that fifth-grade teacher Layanne Alhunaidi’s actions are perfectly fine. 

Palm Beach County elementary school teacher  Layanne Alhunaidi stood in support of Palestine and posted a known, to most but her, antisemitic call for Jewish genocide slogan, “From the River to the Sea,” all over her Facebook page. She can continue teaching in a taxpayer-funded public school after a paid suspended leave and an investigation.

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On Oct. 10, Palm Beach County School Board Superintendent Mike Burke sent out a simple message of concern and support for Israel, denouncing antisemitism and “any form of discrimination or hatred.”

Antisemitism, like any form of discrimination or hatred, has no place in our schools or community. Our schools will not tolerate antisemitism, and we will take appropriate action to address and prevent any instances that may arise. ~Superintendent Mike Burke

For Palm Beach County teacher Layann Alhunaidi, this wasn’t okay. Alhunaidi responded to Burke and copied the entire school board lamenting the “atrocities” Palestinians have suffered. Interestingly enough, in a 409-word email,  Alhunaidi never mentions Jews, Hamas, Israel, Oct. 7, or terrorism, as if the brutal attack on Israel never happened and Gazans were the victims.

Jack Furnari broke the story—the full article is here with Burke’s letter.

Florida Jolt decided to learn more about Alhunaidi. Her Facebook page was enlightening, and what followed was an exposé that led to several articles from a liberal Palm Beach Post reporter, showing support for the pro-Palestinian teacher and antipathy for conservative media outlet Florida Jolt, Republican State Rep Mike Caruso, hundreds of Jewish people who wrote letters denouncing the teacher, and overall disdain for Republicans. 

Facebook page of elementary school teacher Layanne Alhunaidi. These pictures were replaced with watermelons, a known symbol of Palestinian support after they came to the public’s attention.

Alhunaidi had “From the River to the Sea,” a known ethnic cleansing cry most know about since Oct. 7, which calls for the extermination of the Jewish population and Israel. She later claimed during an investigation that she didn’t know there was anything offensive to Jews about this, and she claimed not to be antisemitic. The offensive slogan was all over her personal Facebook page.

Alhunaidi defended her actions, but if “From the River to the Sea” is such an innocent statement, one must wonder why she immediately changed her photos to watermelons, a not-so-secret symbol of Palestinian solidarity.

Teachers and colleagues at the elementary school also said they’d never discussed conflicts in the Middle East with the teacher. All 12 said they had varying levels of contact with the teacher outside of school and on social media but that they had never heard her mention the Israel-Hamas war…

She said she considered the phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as a call “for the liberation of people being oppressed” and that she did not intend to be antisemitic or to incite or promote violence. ~Palm Beach Post

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State Representative Mike Caruso, R-West Palm Beach, wrote a letter to officials, and hundreds of letters calling for the teacher’s firing were sent to the Palm Beach County school board. The decision was made to investigate and suspend the teacher with pay. The result of this investigation is that the statements weren’t made in the classroom, as far as they can tell, and therefore, she’s done nothing wrong. Alhunaidi can continue to teach. 

Layann Watermelon
Pro-Palestinian teacher Layann Alhunaidi replaced “From the River to the Sea” social media pictures with watermelons, a known symbol of Palestinian solidarity.

The problem with this teacher is that she didn’t keep her thoughts private. She put them out in emails that were available to the public. No one would have known about this, but now that they do, is it okay for this teacher to return to the classroom?

Palm Beach County and Legacy Media feel that Layanne Alhunaidi should be able to continue teaching, but parents should have the right to decide if this teacher is suitable to teach their children.

People might want to look at “innocent” statements some make with more scrutiny and awareness. It’s time to fight back against media outlets who always seem to side with the left. One might take issue with an “education” reporter such as Katherine Kokal from The Palm Beach Post,  an unapologetic Palestinian sympathizer who has written multiple articles defending this teacher. Look closer, and you might be more disgusted by her than by the teacher she’s vehemently defending.

As Congressman Brian Mast, R-Martin County, said at a Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) event in Broward County, Israel is pro-America. “Palestine” is anti-America, and that’s the bottom line.

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