Obama Judge Treating Trump Worse Than a Meth Dealer

The Obama-appointed Washington D.C. judge who will preside over the prosecution of Donald Trump on charges relating to January 6 is already showing her bias, treating the former President worse than the other defendants in her courtroom–including a meth dealer. A report by investigative reporter and attorney “Techno Fog” compared the left-wing judge’s conduct in the ongoing Trump case to her history of overseeing criminal cases and concluded that there is clear evidence of one-sidedness.

On Saturday, Judge Tanya Chutkan offered Trump and his legal team until Monday evening to respond to a motion for a protective gag order filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith. According to the report, the court’s local rules allow up to 14 days to respond, while Chutkan only offered one business day. Trump’s legal team requested more time, citing due process concerns, but were ultimately denied.

Trump’s legal team also proposed that the gag order hearing be scheduled for Monday or Tuesday of next week, with attorney Todd Blanche busy fending off other criminal charges against the former President in Florida federal court. Chutkan denied the request, meaning Trump will only have one lawyer present at the hearing on Friday.

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“This unfairly quick timeline is inconsistent with how Judge Chutkan has treated other defendants,” Techno Fog wrote on Twitter before providing examples.

In the case of Russian foreign agent Maria Butina, he wrote, “Chutkan gave Butina 1 week to respond to a PO and set the hearing a month out.”

“In the case of a DC meth dealer, Judge Chutkan gave a 1-week deadline to respond to the PO. She also set the hearing 2 weeks out after it was submitted.

And for a J6 defendant – Judge Chutkan gave a 1-week response deadline and set the PO hearing a month out.” ~ @TechnoFog via Twitter.

“Such issues should be briefed thoroughly,” Techno Fog added. “Judge Chutkan denied Trump that right, contrary to her history. You want evidence of bias? There it is.”

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Since the Capitol riot, Chutkan has developed a reputation for being the “toughest punisher” of the January 6 defendants, according to the Associated Press. She is notorious for issuing harsher sentences than the Department of Justice recommended and has ultimately put all of them behind bars.

In four cases, the DOJ did not seek jail time for the defendants in her courtroom. She jailed them anyway, issuing sentences between 14 and 45 days.

“Every day we are hearing about reports of antidemocratic factions, people plotting potential violence in 2024. It has to be made clear that trying to stop the peaceful transition of power, assaulting law enforcement, is going to be met with certain punishment,” Chutkan said after one trial, according to a CNN report. “Not staying at home, not watching Netflix, not doing what you were doing before you got arrested.”

Chutkan was appointed to the bench in 2014 by President Obama.

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