Mom Fired, Smeared as ‘Bigot’ for Opposing LGBTQ-Infused Sex Ed Curriculum

A California mom of three says she is being targeted after getting fired from her local school board for speaking out against its new LGBTQ-infused sex education curriculum.

Janet Roberson previously spoke at the Benicia Unified School District meeting on April 20, where she criticized the new curriculum for teaching “gender confusion, not gender clarification.” Roberson specifically cited the curriculum’s instruction on ‘choosing’ genders, including one part encouraging 10-year-olds to receive puberty blockers.

The Benicia Freedom organization has laid out other concerning aspects of the curriculum in a four-page-long complaint. It includes teaching boys who like “feminine” things and girls who like “masculine” things that they may change their gender, as well as a brainstorming activity on how to get “gender-affirming care” without parental consent.

Roberson added at the April meeting that teaching “vulnerable children that lifetime dependence on medical care is a viable option is completely unacceptable and evil.”

“We are alarmed that gender identity is now being discussed in math classes. This takes time from core learning and does not benefit the students who are in our community. Teaching kids that there isn’t standard or truth and that you can believe anything that you want to believe is not scientifically accurate or medically correct.”

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Shortly after the meeting, Roberson became a target of what she called the local “bullies,” who ran a smear campaign labeling her as “racist, homophobic, and transphobic.”

A letter to the editor published in the Benecia Times-Herald by community resident William Innes described Roberson’s speech as a “bigoted diatribe.” Innes further suggested that Roberson was “anti-COVID safety” and claimed she authored “anti-COVID vaccine writings, along with content that favors Eugenics.” He compared the California mom’s beliefs to those of the Nazi doctors who worked at concentration camps.

Innes concluded his letter saying, “these spiritual sons and daughters of Hitler are but a small-minded and small-numbered minority within the city of Benicia.”

According to an interview she gave Fox News Digital, Roberson was never contacted by the outlet for comment.

Ten days after the school board meeting, Roberson was fired from Compass, the real estate agency where she had worked. She told Fox that the company informed her they could no longer do business with her and “decided to part ways.”

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It was later revealed that Nathalie Christian, a board member of the Progressive Democrats of Benicia and employee of The Benicia Independent, penned a letter to Compass smearing Roberson as “anti-equity, anti-trans, anti-Black, and anti-choice.”

“It seems unfair to me that Compass, whose DEI policies I have reviewed at length, would be associated with such a hateful person,” Christian said.

Compass has since issued a statement denying that Roberson was ever an employee but instead an independent contractor. Roberson told Fox News Digital,

“To see corporate now throw the local team under the bus and say, ‘Oh, it’s not us’ […] obviously nobody there stood up and said, ‘Hey, we want to keep Janet, she’s great and by the way, she’s a mom who spoke at a school board meeting and moms at school board meetings shouldn’t be fired for what they say.”

In response to a statement by the Progressive Democrats of Benicia accusing her of promoting hate, Roberson told Fox News Digital “baloney.”

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