Latest Report Shows Sam Stern Clear Frontrunner For PBC State Attorney Race

The Palm Beach County State Attorney race is heating up now that second-quarter donation numbers have been reported. There are six candidates in the race. Republican Sam Stern has proven himself to be the real deal by bringing in a killer haul, resulting from an exclusive Palm Beach fundraiser that brought in support from major players throughout the county. Stern raised the most money for this reporting period with $44,925, an impressive amount for a relative newcomer who filed to run just three months ago. Democrat Alexcia Cox, DEI darling of progressives throughout the county, brought in $40,337, earning her second place.

Republican Sam Stern is the frontrunner for Palm Beach County State Attorney.

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Democrat Dave Aronberg has been the PBC State Attorney for twelve years. As soon as he decided not to run again, attorney Alexcia Cox, who works domestic abuse cases for the state attorney’s office, jumped into the race. Florida has become red, and Palm Beach County’s party gap is closing. Stern is an attorney who worked in Aronberg’s office once and saw a path to victory for a qualified Republican. 

State Attorney is a race to which everyone should pay close attention. We can have the best sheriff in the world who can arrest criminals, but the state attorney is the one who decides whether or not to prosecute. Significant riots and catch-and-release issues exist in places such as New York City. We’re evening hearing about the craziness of random people being punched in the face. The criminals are the victims, and law-abiding citizens live in constant fear. Florida doesn’t have these issues because a Republican legislature implements our state laws, and the right state attorneys will enforce these laws. 

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Before Sam Stern can take on Alexcia Cox, he must win a Republican primary. One of the six candidates in this race is another Republican named Forrest Freedman, who raised a piddly $1,195 for this reporting period. While I’m sure Freedman cares about what he’s doing, he doesn’t have the chops for this. The reality of him beating the Democrat in this race is as likely to happen as Joe Biden being able to cobble a coherent sentence together ever again. The right thing would be for Freedman to “run Forrest, run” out of this race and clear the path for someone who can win and keep Palm Beach County a safe place where we all love living, working, and playing. 

In the meantime, Sam Stern is gaining momentum. Now is the time to get behind him. All of Palm Beach County is watching, and it is glorious. 

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