Judge Orders Epstein Docs Unsealed-Will the Pedos Be Revealed?

A court battle that has gone on for years to name associates of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein may finally be reaching its conclusion. Friday, Federal Judge Loretta Preska ruled documents naming some of Epstein’s associates to be unsealed.

The documents, which name eight anonymous “John Does” connected to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, allegedly include high-profile names such as Tom Pritzker, a member of the billionaire Pritzker family and relative of Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker.

The documents were released after Maxwell gave up the fight to keep the name of Epstein’s associates secret earlier this year.

Judge Preska ruled that the public interest in knowing the names of Epstein and Maxwell’s associates outweighs their right to privacy after many of them attempted to block or delay the release of the documents.

Seven of the eight “John Does” in the documents will have their names released, while “John Doe 183” will be the only person whose anonymity will continue to be protected.

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“That Doe’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein has been a subject of intent media coverage, and Doe 183’s name has appeared in numerous places in unsealed portions of Ms. Maxwell’s criminal trial transcript,” Preska said in the Friday hearing. “In the court’s view, there’s no reason to redact Doe 183 from the documents.”

Some of the people named in the documents have already admitted that their release would harm their reputations. According to the Daily Mail, Doe 107 claimed that unsealing their documents would ‘connect’ them to Epstein.

Pritzker voiced a similar objection when attempting to keep documents mentioning his name sealed.

Preska made some other concessions to the anonymous “John Doe’s” named in the documents.

“Certain details contained within certain documents that are not public…objecting Does have set forth a sufficient interest to preserve sealing” She said.

Some people were not optimistic that the names of Epstein’s associates and their actions would be revealed.  One Twitter user posted a picture of a document that was completely redacted to prove their point.

Another user believed that “It will be the usual low fruit, while the big players carry on regardless.”

Still, others expressed optimism that some Epstein associates, who have long been shielded from the public eye could be held accountable.

“Billionaires brace for impact” said the conservative BizPac Review.

Epstein was a long-time resident of Palm Beach, Florida.

Epstein’s home, where he is said to have sexually abused young women, was demolished last year after a real-estate developer purchased the property for $18.5 million.

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