John R. Smith: The Rise of the Swamp Creatures

“The Swamp” in Washington DC is a political term often used to refer to the entrenched and often-corrupt political establishment in the U.S. capital. The idea is that the Swamp is a political hive representing the network of politicians, career bureaucrats, and special interests who have too much influence on government decision-making, often at the expense of the public interest.

Politicians from both parties have used the term to criticize what they see as the excesses of the Washington establishment. These swamp creatures, called scoundrels by some, create policies and regulations that are expensive, ineffective, self-serving, and inefficient. Most Americans believe that the Swamp harbors the ever-present corruption in our national politics and is characterized by backroom deals, cronyism, and a lack of transparency in the political process.

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Overall, the term “Washington DC Swamp” is contentious, and its meaning can vary depending on who is using it and for what purpose. “Draining the Swamp” means rooting out corruption and government waste, eliminating a comfy financial career path for the swamp creatures.

People seem fed up watching the Senate ignore its duties while some members rake in campaign contributions by selling power to special interests, sometimes for profit. Voters are tired of a Congress unwilling to cancel its exclusive perks and lavish parties while productive Americans are forced to do more with less.

Too many members of Congress (the “Club”) push America deeper into debt and confiscate money from taxpayers for short-term political gain to assure they will be re-elected. Sometimes, votes on significant legislation go to the highest bidder, and influence-peddling is rampant. The result? Americans’ trust in government remains near historic lows.

Washington, DC, has a population of 670,000. The broader metropolitan area is populated by 283,000 civil servants, 172,000 military personnel, 36,700 city workers, and several hundred thousand people working for non-profit organizations seeking appropriations and grants or self-serving law changes. Many of these people are descendants of the leftist New Deal liberals who piled into the city during the 1930s; they have been described as the “Deep State” or “permanent Washington.”

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Most Swamp dwellers fight to expand government and to increase government spending, with little regard for the longer-term consequences to the American taxpayer. Joe Biden says Don’t Worry and tells us all is well in Washington. That’s only true if you live in a world of fantasy.

We, as Americans, need to realize that much of this swampy landscape is our fault. Almost everyone embedded in this Swamp was either voted by us into their positions or appointed by someone elected. We put most of these people into power. But politicians should not be telling us voters what is best; we should be telling politicians how to do their job. And then hold their feet to the fire. This means taking action against electeds who promise us one thing during campaign time and then vote the other way. Voters must rein in politicians who ignore their promises and yank them from the public trough. And we need not be gentle.

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There are some things we can do to help drain the Swamp: Reduce the number of days Congress is in Session, impose term limits on electeds, reduce involvement in entangling foreign alliances, deregulation, stop pumping tax money overseas, pay attention to the voting records of members of Congress, ban executive branch officials from lobbying for foreign governments after they leave the administration, require some federal agencies to relocate out of the Washington area, and don’t give unelected officials the power to levy taxes.

Washington is dysfunctional, which Deep Staters like because they thrive on navigating and engineering the chaos. Many Deep Staters embrace the World Economic Forum’s New World Order—a “secretly emerging totalitarian world government” — that seeks to shift power away from the United States into an alternative international system. Let’s not allow the Deep State faction of the Swamp to impose that on America.

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