Team DeSantis Hammers NYC Mayor Eric Adams After he Attacks DeSantis’ ‘Values’

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ team fired back at New York Mayor Eric Adams after he offered to teach DeSantis about the crime-ridden city’s values during DeSantis’ upcoming visit to the Big Apple.

DeSantis is making the trip to attend a conference on law enforcement and was listed as a “special guest for a discussion on protecting Law and Order in New York,” according to Politico. Adams, however, took issue with DeSantis’ visit.

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Welcome to NYC, @GovRonDeSantis, a place where we don’t ban books, discriminate against our LGBTQ+ neighbors, use asylum seekers as props, or let the government stand between a woman and health care. We’re happy to teach you something about values while you’re here.

Within minutes, the DeSantis team was on the case. Campaign Spokeswoman Christina Pushaw turned the tables on Adams, arguing that the New York Mayor should be learning from the Florida Governor, not the other way around.
Nice rhetoric — but here’s reality: More Americans fled NYC than any other metro area last year. More Americans moved to Florida than any other state. You know this, Mayor Adams, and you’ve talked (accurately) about crime pushing people out of NYC. Florida’s crime rate meanwhile is at a 50 year low. Maybe it’s you who can learn from@RonDeSantisFL?”

Press Secretary Bryan Griffin banged a similar dum, responding to Adams by pointing at the scoreboard.

“Based on your policies@NYCMayor, it’s fair to assume you value lawlessness & political agendas in classrooms. Based on migration rates out of NY and into FL , it’s also fair to conclude that many people don’t agree with those values. Florida values freedom, life, and truth.”

The New York Mayor’s rhetoric comes as part of a growing narrative that Florida is, broadly speaking, banning books. This is not the case. Florida State has reaffirmed longstanding law on pornography in the classroom and has recommended teachers and librarians “err on the side of caution.”

“If you would not be comfortable reading the material in a public setting, then you should lean toward not making the material available in a public school library for children,” the standard reads.

One viral video alleging to show library shelves cleared out by DeSaants’ policy has also been debunked. DeSantis himself called the video and the narrative it forwarded fake.


“That video, that was a fake narrative, that was not true,” the governor said. “What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to act like somehow we don’t want books.”
In reality, local parental associations and school boards have been making the bulk of decisions about what content children are exposed to.

Multiple Twitter users took the opportunity to debunk the narrative that DeSantis is broadly banning books.

DeSantis Meet with Chicago Police Makes Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Mayoral Hopefuls Screech Like Loons

While in New York, DeSantis is expected to tout his policies to law enforcement and reduce crime in Florida. His recent proposed legislation includes strengthening bail laws, toughening penalties for sex criminals, and other anti-crime measures.


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