Jack Furnari: An Election Day Message to Palm Beach County Republicans

Tuesday, March 19, is election day, and every Republican needs to vote. Many Republicans will go to the polls to voice their support for President Trump. Other Republicans will show up to cast a protest vote against him. Either way, it’s even more critical that you vote for the Republican candidates in your city elections.

We should have an advantage in turnout on Tuesday because we still have Nikki Haley, etc., on the ballot while the Democrats have nothing. Everyone has to play their part; frankly, since former President Trump is already the presumptive Republican nominee, munis are the most important thing on the ballot.

Legally, local city races are non-partisan, but nothing is actually non-partisan. To the Marxists on the left and in the Democratic Party, everything is partisan, and it always has been.

Delray Beach Election Roundup and Endorsements

The left has politicized entertainment, beer, our schools, our food, the military, the FBI, the Justice Department, large corporations, social media, and every damn thing they can. Now, when the left fears Republican turnout for the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, they’re whining about local races being “non-partisan.”

Nothing is non-partisan. Nothing.

Municipal races are where the sausage gets made. Elected officials in our municipalities are the farm team for higher office, and even more importantly, they have their own little campaign operations, which they can activate in general elections.

Depending on the size of the city, every local candidate should have assembled a campaign team of anywhere from ten to sixty people. These people are practically all volunteers, but if the candidate wins, they have an organization they can put to work in August and November. Many of these volunteers will only come out and work if their local guy asks them to.

According to the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, there are twenty-four Republicans running for muni seats, and we have to get out there and elect them. We need their votes and their sanity in our cities, and we need their winning campaign teams to join us in the fight for our country this year. Floridians are proud that our cities don’t look like New York’s or California’s, but that won’t last if we let the Democrats run our cities.

Delray Beach Election Roundup and Endorsements

After all these years of doing this, I know that everyone mostly likes getting involved in what I call the “Hollywood” races. The Presidency, The US Senate, and the House, but the rubber meets the road right by your house and in your city, no matter how small.

Win your city, and you build the foundation to win the big races.

The Republican municipal slate is attached as an image file and as a PDF file suitable for downloading. Print some out and give them to your Republican neighbors and friends. Help drive turnout.

We win the Presidency by winning locally, so get out there and vote Republican on Tuesday, March 19th.

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Delray Beach Election Roundup and Endorsements

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