Gaetz & Other Republicans Vow to Shoot Down McCarthy Debt Limit Deal

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, along with a cadre of other House Republicans, have pledged to vote no on a recent debt ceiling deal reached by President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

After Biden’s initial stance of refusing to negotiate, followed by a weekend of negotiating, Biden and McCarthy finally reached an agreement to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for various cuts to spending that Republicans were after.

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The deal raises the debt ceiling while capping discretionary spending for the next two years and rolling back some IRS funding and unused COVID-19 funds. The agreement also imposes work requirements for able-bodied welfare recipients and other entitlements. The deal leaves the tax structure, Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Plan,” and mass student loan forgiveness untouched.

While full details have not yet been released, the compromise outline has outraged man house Republicans for falling short of the cuts and reforms they aimed for.

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert made her position on the deal clear on Twitter.

“Our base didn’t volunteer, door knock and fight so hard to get us the majority for this kind of compromise deal with Joe Biden. Our voters deserve better than this. We work for them. You can count me as a NO on this deal. We can do better.”


Other Republicans have joined the chorus of discontent with the deal.

Representative Dan Bishop argued that the cuts to the IRS are far too minimal to be helpful.

Representative Ken Buck also trashed the deal, tweeting that “Democrats got everything they wanted with this bill and don’t have to defend their reckless spending before the 2024 election.”

Congressman Chip Roy called Republican wins “weak” and noted how much Biden was getting to keep.

Roy also lamented the omnibus-style spending that the deal allows.

South Carolina Representative Ralph Norman called the deal “insanity” for reasons along the same lines.


Enough Republican representatives have expressed dismay with the deal to jeopardize its passage. Even with Biden and McCarthy agreeing on a deal, the U.S. may still hit the debt ceiling.

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While many have attacked Republicans for holding the debt ceiling “hostage,” Gaetz explained the legitimacy of not relenting in an interview with Newsmax.

“When the credit card is maxed out, it’s a pretty darn good time to evaluate spending habits. This is a lesson first husbands know all too well. That’s one that our nation would be smart to abide by. If the debt limit is raised, is the spending really going to meet the needs of our country? Or is it increasingly fueling and funding a government that has lost its way? Gone feral? Or even worse, turned against our beloved countrymen.”

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