Breaking: Florida ‘River to the Sea’ Teacher Placed on Administrative Leave

Palm Beach County, Florida School Superintendent Mike Burke has placed pro-Palestinian teacher Layann Alhunaidi on administrative leave pending the completion of an investigation into her social media posts advocating for the elimination of the State of Israel.


The School District is looking into this matter thoroughly to determine if any rule, law, or policy violations occurred. Ms. Alhunaidai has been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the investigative process. ~Michael J. Burke


Florida Jolt broke the story on Nov. 10 after Alhunaidi responded to a simple message by Superintendent Burkes of concern and support for Israel, denouncing antisemitism and “any form of discrimination or hatred.” She copied the entire school board lamenting the “atrocities” Palestinians have suffered. Interestingly enough, in a 409-word email, Alhunaidi never mentions Jews, Hamas, Israel, Oct. 7, or terrorism, as if the brutal attack on Israel never happened and Gazans were the victims.

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That email exchange prompted Florida Jolt to do a social media sweep on Alhunaidi that revealed multiple instances of her advocating for the elimination of Israel  by posting “From The River To The Sea Palestine Will be Free.”

Read our original story here: Palm Beach County Teacher a ‘River to Sea’ Advocate

The public pressure on the school system to take action started to grow, as documented in Florida School Board Hit With 500 Letters Over ‘River to Sea’ Teacher

Lauren Gross of The Gross Family Center For The Study of Antisemitism And The Holocaust had five hundred people send a letter to Superintendent Burke and the School Board of the School District of Palm Beach County asking for the dismissal of Layann Alhunaidi and between 150-200 letters were emailed directly from the FloridaJolt website.

Letter from Superintendent Burke to State Rep. Mike Caruso, R-West Palm Beach, with copies to the School Board

Burke’s letter comes less than 24 hours after a school board meeting where Caruso had his District Aide Eva Sazonova read a letter he wrote to Superintendent Burke and the School Board members at Wednesday night’s school district meeting.

Which we also reported on in FL Rep. Caruso Demands Action on ‘River to Sea’ Teacher – Karen Brill Made School Board Chair

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District Aide Sazonova before the School Board

This story isn’t over, and it’s just the beginning of the process of holding teachers, bureaucrats, politicians, or whoever accountable for actively or passively supporting evil.


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