Fla. Rep. Maxwell Frost is Against Protecting Babies Born Alive After Abortion Attempts

Recently Elected Florida U.S. Representative Maxwell Frost took to the House floor yesterday to argue against a law ensuring that babies born alive after failed abortions would receive medical care.


Freshman Florida Rep. Maxwell Frost


The pro-life legislation eventually passed in House 220-210 and requires healthcare providers to attempt to keep an infant alive if born during or after an attempted abortion. If a provider fails to follow the would-be law, they could face fines or up to five years in prison. However, because Democrats control the Senate, it is unlikely to become a law or even be taken up, allowing born-alive babies to die of neglect.

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However, in his first-ever speech on the House floor, Frost claimed that the law was violent, violence which Republicans refused to condemn, an idea that he also tweeted.

Apart from that, Frost’s arguments were not regarding the actual law but the abortion debate overall, claiming the legislation was “a one-sided resolution meant to fan the flames of anti-abortion and anti-freedom sentiment.”


Frost referenced Florida’s recent abortion restrictions, which outlaw abortions after 15 weeks, provided the mother’s life is not in danger. Frost

“See, my district in Central Florida sees these sentiments in action – as our governor has passed an abortion ban and looks to go even further.”


Frost even went so far as to say that his mother’s choice not to kill him in the womb was a “deeply personal” one.


“And as someone whose birth mother made the brave and difficult decision to put me up for adoption. I recognize that that decision was deeply personal and can often mark one of the most vulnerable points in a person’s life,”

The Gen Z Representative made the case that the government should “actually protect” individuals in such vulnerable positions. All irony seemed lost on Frost.


Frost finished by framing his vote as a freedom issue and referencing “childbearing adults” who aren’t women.

“I will continue to fight for civil rights, personal freedom, and bodily autonomy of women and childbearing adults in this country, and I hope the rest of this chamber will join me in voting.”

The statement implies that healthcare providers keeping an infant alive once fully separated from a woman’s body somehow violates her autonomy, freedom, and rights.

Many observers on Twitter were quick to push back against Frost.


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