Boomer or Loomer for 2024. Laura Loomer is running for Congress AGAIN!

Laura Loomer, a political activist, and former congressional candidate, has been tweeting up a storm since Elon Musk took over Twitter. The formerly de-platformed Loomer now has her Twitter account back, and there’s a lot she wants us all to know.

Loomer ran for congress in Palm Beach County in 2020. She successfully won the Republican primary but ultimately lost against the incumbent, Democrat Lois Frankel, in the 2020 general election. Loomer is not one to take her ball and go home. In 2022, she ran again, this time against incumbent Republican Daniel Webster, who is the longest-serving legislator in Florida history. She lost that primary and has made it clear that she believes it was due to election interference.

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Over the last week, Loomer has been very vocal about her anti (now) Speaker Kevin McCarthy stance. In a Tweet during the nominating process for speaker, she said that Congressman Webster, whom Loomer has referred to as an “old, do nothing RINO,” skipped the second speaker vote. He was nowhere to be found. She questioned if he locked himself in the bathroom or fell asleep. Either way, “Dan was a no-show as always.” She then said that she would be running for FL 11 again.

Laura Loomer, Most Banned Woman in the World, Is Back on Twitter

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I asked her if this was true. She said that she hadn’t filed paperwork but to feel free to write about it.

Loomer feels that the GOP establishment is crooked and doesn’t want to sit back on the sidelines. In a Tweet today, Loomer confirmed that she would be running for a third time. She will again be running for US Congress against Webster as an “America First Patriot.”

People have strong feelings about Loomer, both good and bad. She’s an activist with some in-your-face ideas. Either you agree with her, or you don’t. Either way, she’s unafraid to put herself out there and express herself.

We saw some surprising races in 2022, so who knows what will happen when Loomer runs again. Will Florida end up getting Loomered? We’ll have to wait until 2024 to find out.

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