Emotional Casey DeSantis on Cancer Fight – ‘Didn’t Know if I Was Gonna See My Kids Graduate’

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis gave an emotional, wide-ranging interview on Tuesday where she opened up about her battle with breast cancer, her life as first lady, and her husband’s work in politics. DeSantis sat down with Fox News’s Harris Faulkner as part of the host’s “Family in Focus” series. The discussion took place at the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee.

“The day that I ultimately found out it was Ron who was the one that told me,” DeSantis said to Faulkner about her cancer diagnosis in 2021. Her husband was seated next to her during the interview. “I couldn’t listen to the doctors. I didn’t want to hear any of the opining,” she said. DeSantis became emotional while describing her fear that she would not be able to see her three children grow up.

“I didn’t know if I was gonna see my kids graduate from kindergarten, let alone going off into high school or watching them walk down the aisle. I had him there every step of the way,”

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DeSantis praised her husband for his support throughout her cancer treatments. She drew a parallel between his devotion as a husband to his commitment to the state of Florida.

“What he did for me in my cancer battle is what he did for the people of this state during COVID, because he went through and he analyzed the data. Just like he fought for me, he fought for the people of this state.”

DeSantis smiled as she described her husband as “funny,” adding that she “knew very quickly after meeting him that he was the one.”

“You can tell he is funny, he is a great guy to be around, he is very, very smart. He has a good moral compass,” she continued.

Her husband responded, saying the first lady fought “really hard” through her battle with cancer and thanking the people of Florida for their prayers.

“I did my role as what a good husband should do, but she really fought hard… And I’ll tell you, once we went public with it, the amount of prayers that we got from Florida and around the country really, really boosted her spirit and my spirit.”

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During the interview, Casey DeSantis was also asked how she would approach the role of First Lady of the United States if her husband is elected to the White House.

“One who looks at the role with a lot of humility,” she said.

“It isn’t about me, it’s about being in a position to do good on behalf of the people in this state and hopefully this country.”

She reflected on her work helping Floridians through the Hope for Healing Florida project, which provides financial assistance and resources to struggling families, youth, and veterans.

“We’ve been able to transition off either partly or entirely more than 8,100 people from government assistance because they’re on a pathway to economic self-sufficiency,” she said.

“They’re now in homes on their own. They’re cooking for their children literally in tears, because this is the first time that they have a roof over their home, over their house that they’ve been able to get on their own,”

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