Video: Hawaiians Curse & Heckle Clueless Biden, Prez Cracks Jokes

A couple who survived the devastating wildfires in Hawaii say they are frustrated by the federal response to the chaos and demanding greater government transparency.

Mike Cicchino and his wife told News Nation this week that they are “not very political people” but have felt abandoned by President Joe Biden.

“We really don’t go one way or the other, but Biden has really failed us. One of the worst disasters in U.S. history happens and he hasn’t been out here. It’s been two weeks on Tuesday,” Cicchino said. “What kind of president does that?”

Cicchino said he and his wife spent more than three hours hiding from the flames in the surging ocean tides, not knowing whether they might drown. “Being on fire, not knowing where land is, at points, the currents pulling us out where we can’t touch the ground,” he told host Natasha Zouves.

“At times, I remember just telling her to make sure that she saves herself. ‘Don’t worry. If I start drowning out here, you save yourself.’ It’s the most terrifying experience of our life.”

While Biden has pledged $700 to those affected by the wildfires, Cicchino says he and his wife have received nothing. “We’re not complaining about that,” he told Zouves. “But giving people just $700 to survive when they just lost everything, their clothes, their family members, is insulting. People need more help.”

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden bumbled through his visit to Maui, making up fake stories about his home burning down and cracking jokes as nearly 1000 people remain missing on the Island.

Biden and his wife visited Hawaii on Monday. “You guys catch the boots out here?” During the trip, Biden said to the press, grinning and quipping, “That’s some hot ground, man.”

At a conference attended by Maui wildfire survivors, the 80-year-old President talked about himself and his wife.

“I remember when I got the call about my first wife and daughter. I was a young senator and got a call in Washington and I hadn’t been sworn in yet. I wasn’t old enough and I was hiring staff at the Capitol and I got a phone call from the fire department,

They said your wife, she’s dead. Come home. Come home.”

It was such a tall tale that even the Washington Post fact-checked Biden’s claims.

According to editor and chief writer of the Post, Glenn Kessler, the fire Biden referenced was a small kitchen fire that was under control in 20 minutes.

In typical Biden fashion, the President became confused by the end of his tirade and needed staff to guide him away from the podium.

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Over 114 people have been killed in the devastating wildfires, and nearly 1000 remain missing. Biden’s visit comes after an August 13 incident where he told a reporter “no comment” about the staggering destruction. Biden had been returning from a beach vacation at the time.

The White House has claimed that Biden delayed his trip to Hawaii to not interfere with recovery efforts.

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