DeSantis Slams Biden-Report Finds 326,000 Migrants Flown to Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis slammed the Biden administration’s catch-and-release program Wednesday after a new report found that nearly 350,000 illegal aliens have been flown to Florida airports since October 2022.

According to data published by the Center for Immigration Studies this week, as many as 326,000 migrants had been flown to Miami alone as part of the White House’s “humanitarian parole” policy. During a press conference, DeSantis addressed the new report, blasting the program as “illegal” and “not constitutional.”

“They don’t tell us anytime somebody comes in,” DeSantis told reporters. “We can’t verify that; they don’t give us information on it; we have not seen though large numbers in our communities all of a sudden.”

“It may be the case [Biden] is bringing people in under this illegal parole program, and then they’re migrating to sanctuary jurisdictions,” the Governor said. “We’re not a sanctuary state. We don’t have sanctuary cities. We’ve took action to where you’re not getting a driver’s license. You’re not getting ID cards… you are better off in New York or Illinois or California.”

While the Governor said he could not verify CIS’s findings, the report stated that “early evidence suggests that a great many of these inadmissible alien passengers, probably a majority, initially land at international airports in Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Florida.”

“In fact, Florida turns out to be the top landing and U.S. customs processing zone for this direct-flights parole-and-release program, tallying at nearly 326,000 of the initial arrivals from inception through February,” said CIS Senior National Security Fellow Todd Bensman.

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“It’s secret, in a sense, yes, [but] we know the program’s going on,” DeSantis said. “We’re suing over it. We think it’s illegal. We know it’s illegal and not constitutional.”

In a report published by National Review Online, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody confirmed that the state was taking active steps to fight the Biden administration’s migrant flight program. “This is but one of the many examples of how Biden’s egregious and unlawful immigration policies are disproportionately taxing the resources of certain states,” Moody said. “As with Biden’s other unlawful policies, we will continue to fight the CHNV program in court,”

DeSantis spokesman Bryan Griffin also told the outlet that Florida was “fighting back” to stop the federal government’s “illegal importation efforts.”

“The federal government is encouraging illegal immigration and even aiding these individuals to enter the country. They’ve cloaked these secretive flights as a lawful parole program. The state of Florida is fighting back in Court to end this practice and stop the federal government’s illegal immigrant importation efforts,”

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According to the CIS report, Florida accounts for roughly 90 percent of all catch-and-release cases under the parole program. Fewer numbers of migrants have reportedly also been flown to Houston, New York, California, and Washington, D.C. Nine nationalities are currently eligible under the Biden administration’s program, including Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, Colombians, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Ecuadorians.

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