Delray Beach Candidate Ryan Boylston Sued For Defamation

Delray Beach Mayoral candidate Tom Carney has sued his opponent Ryan Boylston for defamation over a mailer that had to have been approved by Boylston, who accused Carney of committing a crime.

On February 15, my colleague Tracy Caruso warned that Carney would be unfairly attacked in Accusations Against Delray Mayoral Candidate Tom Carney: A Nothing Burger”

Carney had a couple of fender benders some years ago, which the SunSentinel asked about during his interview. Clearly, Carney answered the questions to their satisfaction since the SunSentinel endorsed Tom Carney for Mayor of Delray along with the Palm Beach Post.  I mention the Post only because newspapers do investigate and background candidates for office, and I doubt either paper would have endorsed Carney had there been any validity to Bolyston’s accusations.

Boylston has a certain “reputation,” as I discussed in New Poll: Carney & Casale Establish Early Lead in Delray Beach

My reason for criticizing Boylston is that he can’t be trusted. He has a reputation in political circles for breaking his word and lying. I have had first-hand experience of it. Boylston did not cut taxes and lied about it. ~Jack Furnari

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Statement by Thomas Carney on Libel Lawsuit

I have earned, over the course of my life and professional career, a reputation for honesty, integrity, and civility.

Ryan Boylston has said that I am guilty of a crime, the crime of hit-and-run accidents. That is false and is defamation per se, which means the statement is a “reckless disregard for the truth.” And Mr. Boylston KNEW it was false.

I understand the spirited exaggerations of a political campaign, but Mr. Boylston has directly and conspicuously accused me of committing a crime. As a member of the Florida Bar and as an Officer of the Court, I take accusations of committing a crime very seriously. The Florida Bar also takes it very seriously when one of its members is accused of committing a crime. I could lose my license.

Let me be clear, the FACTS are: I have NEVER had ANY convictions (including for DUI); I have NEVER had a Bar complaint; and I have NEVER had an ethics complaint, unlike Mr. Boylston (the only Delray Beach Commissioner to have been found guilty of an Ethics Complaint AND had to pay a large fine).

I gave Mr. Boylston multiple chances to respond and to retract his lie but he refused to do so. It is one lie too many. I regret having to take this action, but with no other option, and in order to protect a lifelong reputation, I filed suit.

Full complaint with exhibits, including Boylston’s mailer:

Considering Boylston did actually admit to violating state ethics laws and had to pay a $2,000 fine, it takes a serious amount of hubris to accuse anyone else of being unethical.

Delray Beach: Commissioner Boylston agrees to fine to settle ethics violation case

A mailer from Progressives for a Better South Florida.

The Real Ryan Boylston

I think “Lyin Ryan” spends too much time looking at himself in the mirror; oddly enough, he doesn’t see the liar the rest of us see. It doesn’t matter what political party he belongs to or what he says he’s for or against; he lies and can’t be trusted.

Run hard, little peacock. Your lies are catching up with you.

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