Charlie Crist’s Desperate Plea For Campaign Cash While Fellow Floridians Suffer

Florida’s Democratic nominee for Governor, Charlie Crist, desperately pleaded for campaign donations while Hurricane Ian ravaged the West Coast of Florida.

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John Cardillo tweeted the email the Crist campaign sent with righteous outrage, saying:

The disgraceful failure was asking those devastated evacuated Floridians for money.

It would seem simple common sense to stop fundraising appeals when the people you want to represent are having their lives ripped apart by Hurricane Ian.

Responses from the public were swift on Twitter.

An anonymous Twitter account replied, “Learn what superpacs are,” as if that mattered.

Crist is a narcissist who would use anyone or anything to get power back.

Dead Zone
Screen Cap from the movie “Dead Zone.”


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The Crist campaign can stop any emails they want. I’m on everyone’s list in the world, and I didn’t get any emails from DeSantis, PAC, or otherwise.

This Tweet from Christina Pushaw was posted while I was writing.

It’s 2:20 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 28, and Crist has asked his Ian-soaked brethren for cash three times already.

In a post I wrote the other day, I recounted one of my personal experiences with Crist.

In 2006, at a private breakfast meeting when he was running for the Republican nomination for governor against Tom Gallagher, Crist told me to my face that he believed life began at conception and that he was pro-life.

Now he supports abortion.

That’s the kind of weasel Crist is, and the Democrats chose him as their nominee.

I’ll end with a Tweet from everyone’s favorite Warrior Princess, Christina Pushaw, with information on how to help our brother and sister Floridians.

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