‘Cancel Culture’ is the Kool-Aid, and Alan Bergstein isn’t drinking it

As “cancel culture” has swept through this country, our leaders, government officials, teachers, college professors, and even reporters are jumping on the bandwagon by tempering their words to avoid conflict. Op-ed writer Alan Bergstein, whose words can be harsh, really harsh, is not drinking the ‘Cancel Culture Kool-Aid.’ His brutal honesty is necessary for today’s political climate and crucial for us to survive as a free people. In his own words: “Let’s get right to the point: The two top elected leaders of this country constitute a clear and present danger to our survival.”

A retired New York City public school Principal and Brooklyn native, when the eighty-nine-year-old Bergstein is not lecturing, or editing for The NY Jewish Voice, he is writing for The Published Reporter, and his articles are often picked up by Arutz Sheva, a premier Israeli News outlet. For years Bergstein wrote for the conservative website, BizPac Review. Bergstein writes about precisely what is happening in our world today, and he lends his sincerest judgments on how to make things work for the people again. More folks should listen to him because as you read his articles, you quickly realize that not only is Bergstein intelligent, but he is also not afraid to say the really tough things that need to be said but are so often not expressed in today’s climate. A dedicated activist and soldier who was stationed on the East German border from 1953-to 1955 during the Korean War, his experiences have lent to his beliefs.

The political state of our country is grim. But make no mistake, Bergstein will keep delivering relevant and vital writing. A Jewish community activist and leader, Bergstein, knows the struggles of discrimination and race problems in Florida and the entire country, often writing about race relations and the systemic issues that we waste time arguing about – like the terminology used for crime, instead of actually fighting crime. His work and self-driven advocacy as the President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County and within the community is nothing short of epic.

Jack Furnari, the owner of PBC Jolt, says of Bergstein, “Alan is a warrior. If I was in a foxhole, Alan is the guy I’d want next to me.”

In his writings, he admits that, as a Jewish person, he is embarrassed by some of the Jewish Representatives in Congress currently, who are not working toward helping or supporting Israel and Jewish relations, but instead are “Goniffs” – a Yiddish word for “Crooks.” When Democrat Adam Schiff (D-CA), a lawyer and member of the House of Representatives, was caught falsifying text messages between Rep Jim Jordan and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Bergstein pulled no punches. Bergstein stated unequivocally that Mr. Schiff should be disbarred and behind bars. More and more, as harsh words and actions are necessary, Mr. Bergstein is ready to say the facts through articulate reporting, boldly and unabashedly.

“Alan is fearless, and he’s honest. He doesn’t back off when somebody challenges him. And he usually comes up with an interesting turn-of-phrase in his descriptions.” said John R. Smith, Chairman of BizPac of Palm Beach County.

As a father of four children, Bergstein wants Americans to turn their collective attention to the dire state of politics and lawlessness in the country today. We must ask ourselves, What are we leaving behind for our kids, grandkids, and future generations? Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you know that no one wants to see our country’s leader stumbling when simply trying to walk or struggling to mumble out a speech and then forgetting what he was talking about. He does not hold back when he writes about it, ‘we were safe for four years, and now we must all prepare for the genuine possibility of another world war.’ Are his words easy to digest? Not at all. Leaders of other countries see the weaknesses in this current President, which is not safe for America.

When I asked Mr. Bergstein why he keeps doing it all…he said “At this age…I feel as if I’m doing what my folks would have been proud of were they here.”

“From New York to Palm Beach; From Democrat to Republican; From citizen to community leader, Alan Bergstein leads Palm Beach County in its’ commitment to a strong America and a strong Israel,” said Sid Dinerstein, Chairman, Republican Party of Palm Beach County (2002-2012)

Even if you don’t fully agree with Bergstein’s opinions, his hard-hitting words speak to all of us in some way. So, it doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat, or Independent

I’ll take the truth. You can keep the Kool-Aid.

You can find of some Mr. Bergstein’s articles here: The Published Reporter

Videos and interviews on YouTube: JewTube

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