Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer and his Dem Allies Should Cancel Self-Serving March Election

If the Boca Raton City Council does not cancel the election on March 14, taxpayers will have to pay over $255,000 to hold an election and try to defeat a charter amendment on whether to increase the terms of City Council members from three years to four years.

The amendment is the only thing on the ballot; no one asked for or wanted this charter amendment, and it shouldn’t be on the ballot in the first place.

The amendment was driven by Mayor Singer, who, for some reason, thinks he has a big political future ahead of him somewhere and needs another year in office to make his dreams come true. Hint: People don’t give much money to ex-mayors running against an incumbent, no matter what the office.

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Singer, and two Democratic council members, Yvette Drucker and Monica Mayotte, voted for this outrageous self-serving charter amendment.

Boca Swamp Weasels Vote Yes to Extending Term Limits

Incoming city council member Marc Wigder is on record opposing the charter amendment telling Florida Jolt, but Wigder won’t be sworn in until March 14.


I support the current two, three-year terms as previously approved by the voters of Boca Raton. If voters want me back, they can vote for me again in three years. I don’t support extending the current city council’s terms. ~Marc Wigder

Christen Ritchey, Wigder’s erstwhile opponent for the seat who withdrew from the race, giving Wigder a free ride, also opposed this abusive amendment.

New city council member Fran Nachlas and City Council Member & Deputy Mayor Andrea Levine O’Rourke voted against putting the amendment on the ballot.

I asked Singer and Drucker if they thought the March 14 election should be canceled, and Drucker was the only one who responded with the insipid and political consultant derived,

“I am on the record supporting the voter’s right to make a decision on the matter.” ~Yvette Drucker

The invertebrate Singer has also given the same nauseating answer in the past, but props to Drucker for at least having the backbone to answer.

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Voters didn’t ask for this amendment. It’s being forced on them by a few power-hungry politicians who refuse to leave the Boca stage gracefully.

Singer, Drucker, and Mayotte can try putting as much lipstick on this pig as possible, but this slimy and selfish power grab at the taxpayers’ expense will haunt them for the rest of their political careers.

Short as their political careers may be.

Call and email the Boca Raton Gang of Three and let them know your thoughts.

Mayor Scott Singer

Mayor Scott Singer

Email Scott

Phone: 561-393-7708


Yvette Drucker

City Council Member Yvette Drucker

Email Andrea

Phone: 561-393-7708

City Council Member & CRA Chair Monica Mayotte

Email Monica

Phone: 561-393-7708

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