Back to the Future -“The Jetsons” futuristic Inventions Now Exist in Real Life

“The Jetsons” was a popular animated television show that premiered in 1962 and was set in the future, depicting a family living in a world filled with advanced technology. In 2023, their far-fetched world of inventions exists. Here are a few examples:

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Video calls: One of the most famous things from the show, the Jetsons family frequently made video calls to each other, which we now do efficiently through services like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom.

Live video calls seemed like an unbelievable and impossible invention when The Jetsons aired in the 60s. Now we have Zoom. This is convenient for not seeing people in real life, but it means always being dressed and made up.

Smartwatches: The show’s characters wore wristwatches that could make phone calls and perform other tasks, and we now have smartwatches that can do much the same thing.

We can make phone calls, track exercise, and take pictures from a smartwatch, just like The Jetsons.

Drones: The show featured small flying vehicles that could be used for transportation and delivery, and now we have drones that are used for various purposes, including package delivery.

Home automation: The Jetsons’ house was filled with automated devices, such as the robot maid, Rosie. We now have smart homes that can control everything from lights to heating and cooling.

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3D printing: The Jetsons had a food machine to create meals out of thin air in the show. While we have yet to get that level of technology, we have 3D printers that can make all sorts of objects.

Self-driving cars: The Jetsons frequently traveled around in a flying car, but self-driving cars are now a reality, and many companies are also working on flying cars.

This robot was named Pepper. It was a concierge robot that no longer exists, but in time, something like this could be a part of daily living.

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Roomba: Rosie the Robot was the housekeeper for the Jetsons family. Rosie has been the dream fantasy for those who dislike cleaning and laundry. We’re not there yet with a real-life robotic cleaner that can do all of these tasks for the general household, but we have some precursors. A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that autonomously navigates a home and cleans its floors, using a combination of sensors to detect and avoid obstacles while cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, and other surfaces. Its popularity has inspired the development of other robotic cleaning devices, such as robotic mops and window cleaners. 

We have yet to get a full-service robot housekeeper, but it’s just a matter of time. This Roomba vacuum cleaning uses sensors to clean floors.

Restaurant Robots: These robots are no Rosie, but they’re getting there. Several robots are used for cooking, cleaning, and delivering food. There’s an autonomous food delivery robot as well. They’re designed to navigate a restaurant to provide food and drinks to customers. One of the popular models is the “Serve” robot which uses sensors to deliver to customers. It has a storage compartment that can hold up to 50 pounds of food and drinks and is equipped with a touchscreen display that allows customers to interact with the robot and place their orders. 

The waiter robot brings dishes in Rapallo, Italy. The “Gran Caffe Rapallo” restaurant in Liguria was the first restaurant in Italy to use robot servers.

Laundry Folding Robots: The most annoying part of doing laundry is the folding part. Good news! Laundry folding robots exist. One example is called the “Foldimate.” Users can feed clothing into the machine. It automatically folds it into neat stacks. Another example, “Laundroid,” is a robotic system that can sort, wash, dry, fold, and organize clothes. It uses computer vision technology to identify and sort different types of clothing, and it can even recognize individual family members’ clothes.

Laundry folding is a tedious part of our lives, but a robot already exists that can do this for you. It’s not widely available to the general public, but someday it might be.

Don’t get too excited yet. The laundry robots aren’t yet widely available but represent an exciting development in the home automation field.

These are just a few examples from “The Jetsons” that now exist in real life and help save time in our busy lives. It’s interesting to see how much of the show’s futuristic technology has become a reality, and who knows what other inventions we may see down the road. The future is now.

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