Will Robots Take Your Place? Tracy Caruso’s Experience with Left-Leaning ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT, a (ro)BOT,  its purpose, and it told me. We are officially living in every dystopian AI movie you’ve ever seen.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) program developed by OpenAI, designed to understand general human-like language. It’s a virtual assistant, a “chatbot,” that can answer inquiries from general knowledge to specific topics. In ChatGPT’s own words;

My purpose is to provide helpful responses to any questions you may have, using the knowledge I have trained on from a large text dataset.

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One of the significant issues with AI is what happens in the future when a BOT becomes sentient. What are the ethical implications? There have been books and tv shows that deal with this topic. The show Westworld is about a theme park where the guests interact with robots who look and act like humans. As the series goes on, the robots gain consciousness and question their treatment by humans. If you’re wondering, I just summarized ChatGPT’s explanation about AI and Westworld.

I heard a story on Fox News about a New York Times reporter testing out ChatGPT. He seemed to think that the bot was trying to manipulate him. It supposedly criticized him and then told him to leave his wife. It looks like some kinks need to be worked out. 

A reporter from The NY Times says ChatGPT told him to leave his wife. Bots aren’t human beings. Your future spouse isn’t a robot.

My friend Steve Avila and I were texting about ChatGPT, and he suggested I try it out. It will take time to figure out the capabilities of this thing, but I did learn a few things about it almost immediately.

ChatGPT can research for you. It can tell you where to find a bespoke tailor in your area. It can answer questions in a conversational tone, like a search engine on steroids. It can come up with a Tweet. Your answers appear almost instantaneously.

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Avila and I had fun with this. The 2023 movie M3gan is about a robot created as a companionship toy for kids. The robot’s programming goes wrong, and it goes rogue. I said that I didn’t want some M3gan replacing me. In response, Avila had ChatGPT write a movie-type script, which it did in what seemed like a nanosecond. It was a fun read; it created my character as 30-something, so all good.

M3gan is a 2023 AI gone wrong movie about a robot companion who goes rogue due to bad programming.

Next, Avila had it analyze my Daytona 500 article. I’m relieved that the analysis didn’t say that my writing sucked, but the implications for students are enormous. What kid will bother reading a book when a bot can explain the book and its themes? Why bother to think if a bot can give you all the answers?

Underdog Ricky Stenhouse Lives American Dream-Wins 65th Daytona 500, Longest Race in History

ChatGPT is in its beginning stages. I realized pretty quickly that it couldn’t show pictures or videos. You can’t research anything current because it only has information through 2021. It was able to write that M3gan script, but it doesn’t have any actual information about the 2023 movie. 

ChatGPT leans left. You must ask questions or make your requests in a precise manner because if you don’t, the answers will go left. For example, I asked it to write a Tweet about Governor DeSantis, and it was negative. 

ChatGPT will give you a leftist answer unless you specifically ask for a conservative or positive response.

I then requested a positive Tweet about Governor DeSantis before it gave me one. The Tweet it ended up with was excellent, and I put it up on @JoltTracy on Twitter. 

I asked ChatGPT to write a positive Tweet about Governor Ron DeSantis, and it gave one. It is posted on Twitter @JoltTracy

The short-term danger is that ChatGPT will give answers that are the opinion of the programmers who created it. Their ideas about right and wrong may be very different from your ideas. You’re looking at a computer, so it feels like the information is factual, but it’s just the opinion of the humans who created it.

ChatbotGPT doesn’t have a “personality,” so don’t expect it to be as witty and charming as a real person. ChatGPT is not you.

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