8 Siberian Huskies Make the World a Better Place, Despite COVID

When Jordan Michael Solomon retired as a boat captain, he had no idea that he and his fiancé Amanda would add 8 Siberian Huskies to their family.

During the pandemic, Jordan, a retired boat captain, found his dream dog, a Siberian husky, on Facebook. Jordan and Amanda were so excited to meet the dog that they left with their family, straight from Disney World to pick up Koda, who was living in deplorable conditions.

Siberian Husky Puppies

A couple of months later, they decided that Koda needed a friend. As luck would have it, they found another Siberian Husky rescue, Stormy, a female, on Facebook and brought her home. They were going to have her fixed, but appointments were difficult to get during the pandemic. Jordan did everything possible to keep the dogs separated before the upcoming vet appointment, but the one time he couldn’t, that was it, and six huskies became part of their household.

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Eight Siberian huskies were never part of the plan, but the family grew attached to the adorable puppies and decided to keep them all. Stormy counted the puppies when anyone picked one up. They didn’t have the heart to give them away. The dogs have changed all of their lives. They now have a property caretaker who helps care for Koda, Stormy, Leo, Bella, Ghost, Bear, Solomon, and Junior. In a few months, they’re moving to a 5-acre property near where they live now in Sanford, Florida, so the dogs have more space.

Husky drinking water

The most high-maintenance part of owning eight huskies is the hair. There’s loads of it, but Jordan and Amanda say it’s all worth it. When asked what the best part of having all these dogs is, they both said, “the love.” They say that the huskies bring love and sweetness into their lives.

Yes, huskies can live in Florida. They are adaptable and have no problem living in hot places worldwide. Of course, they must have fresh water, shade, and air conditioning. ~My Happy Husky

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Jordan, a master marketer, started posting pictures of his dogs on Facebook, and he’s gained quite a following. A couple of years ago, he decided to have a fundraiser at his house for Thanksgiving. Jordan and Amanda expected just a few people to show up, but 30 new Facebook friends came, eager to meet the dogs, and they raised thousands for the homeless. Now they do fundraisers for charities such as pediatric centers and single mothers in need during holidays.

They raise about $20,000 a year, all for good causes. The events all feature the dogs and help make the world a better and fluffier place.

You can follow Jordan Michael Solomon on Facebook to see updates about the eight adorable bundles of love and get involved in his latest charitable Christmas event.

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