42-Year-Old Man- ‘Transgender’ Dressed as School Girl Busted Taking Photos of Girls in Restroom

A 42-year-old man, who identified himself as transgender, was arrested by Police in Peru after he was caught dressing as a schoolgirl and filming inside the school’s women’s restroom.

The suspect was identified as Walter César Solís Caler, with the incident occurring at the ‘Rosa de América women’s college in Huancayo, Peru.


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According to the local news, Caler, disguised as a schoolgirl, walked the school entrance casually and was not stopped or questioned. From there, he quickly hid in one of the restrooms, where he began recording and taking pictures of the children.

Eventually, Caler was discovered by the vice principal. She confronted him when she saw that he was using a cell phone on school grounds, which is forbidden for all students. However, she only realized Caler was not a student after attempting to discipline him for phone use. Upon that discovery, she took him to the principal and called the Police.

When looking through his phone, the authorities found that Caler had done similar things at multiple other schools without getting caught. One Twitter user announced the news with a photograph of Caler attached. While not visible in this photo, Caler used a hat and a mask to hide his face.

“When Police searched his phone, they found he had entered multiple local schools and committed the same offenses, all while dressed in school uniform. When you allow anyone to Self-ID as a woman and allow them into women’s spaces, this is the result.”

Peruvian Police are investigating whether the suspect is part of a global pedophile network.

Several parents were alerted and gathered outside the school gates before the Police even arrived, where they learned that Caler had been caught spying on the schoolgirls. Once Caler was led outside, the parents attacked him despite the police presence. One of the parents, who the Police had to hold back to prevent him from taking justice into his own hands, even punched an officer in an attempt to get his hands on Caler.

The father was taken in for questioning, but Erick Acosta, the commanding police officer of El Tambo, stated that the department understood he was acting out of impulse due to the disturbing circumstances.
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Public Prosecutor María Gutiérrez Fernández, who specializes in violence against women, announced her intent to prosecute Caler, according to Reduxx.


“This male person has been found dressed as a schoolgirl, in full uniform, even with braids. Cognizant of these facts, we are taking the appropriate and most immediate action to be able to find evidence that will allow us to successfully convict.”

The school’s principal, Ernesto Ronald Vílchez Cuadrado, told Exitosa Noticias at the police station that he believed a network of men might employ similar strategies to enter schools in the area.


“We encourage other educational institutions and the corresponding authorities to take this case seriously. We want to prosecute this individual immediately. Unfortunately, we think that it could be a network of people who are taking advantage in similar ways, using masks and hats to enter educational institutions and use the toilets, putting the physical and moral integrity of our students at serious risk.”

Multiple Twitter users reacted with concern to the incident and how easily it may be to repeat.

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