‘Steel’: Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Launches DeSantis for President Ad, Sideswipes Trump

The Pro-DeSantis PAC Never Back Down launched an ad supporting Ron DeSantis titled “Steel,” meant to contrast the Florida Governor to former President Donald Trump on various points, including COVID policy and character.

The 60-second advertisement centers on a man in industrial gear working with metal. It begins by setting up its comparison of steel to DeSantis and notes that the governor is the grandson of a steelworker.

DeSantis Steel Ad


“Steel is forged overnight. But after all the remaining blasting and casting is done, it’s strong. It lasts.”

The ad then detailed DeSantis’s familiar biography, his own “mining, blasting, and casting” going through his completion of law school,  his time as a collegiate athlete, his work as a JAG officer in the navy, and status as an Iraq war veteran and Bronze star recipient.

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The ad also claimed that DeSantis stood up to the swamp and “held the Republican establishment accountable” during his time in Congress but did not sacrifice runtime to give specifics. Interestingly, DeSantis’ congressional record is one of the primary angles of attack on the governor from conservatives who do not support his theoretical Presidential run, who argue that the Florida Governor was not disruptive enough during his time there.

The ad then transitions to the steelworker in a hard hat watching DeSantis on television as the narrator makes several comparisons to Trump. At the same time, multiple headlines from news outlets appear to back up the claims.

“As Governor, DeSantis stood up to Dr. Fauci while others stood aside.” said the narrator. At the same time, the television showed Former President Trump standing to the side during a press conference with Dr. Fauci at the podium.

The narrator continued to list DeSantis’ policy and PR achievements as governor.

“[DeSantis] banned CRT, and got the smut out of schools. Refused to let woke Disney push us around and put media elites in their place.”

The ad finished with another potential veiled swipe at Trump by commending DeSantis for having been a conservative in a political context for years. On the other hand, Trump ran on being an outsider and was not explicitly Republican before entering politics.


“Ron DeSantis never backs down, because his backbone wasn’t forged overnight. Conservative warrior always. Ron DeSantis. President.”

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The ad ended on a screen of DeSantis waving to the crowd, reading, “DeSantis. The President America Needs.”

“Ron DeSantis never backs down because his backbone wasn’t forged overnight. He’s the president America needs.”

This is not the PACs first ad encouraging DeSantis to run. It should be noted DeSantis still has not officially announced a run for President.

The attacks on Trump found in the ad are not new either. DeSantis recently took shots at the former President himself for his performance during COVID-19.


“Leaders take the bull by the horns and make the decisions for themselves. They don’t subcontract out their leadership to health bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci.”

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