‘Who Cares!’ – Libs Launch Lame Attack on DeSantis College Baseball Career

Hoping to shine a light on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s “skeletons in the closet,” leftist media outlet “Florida Politics” released a report on… his baseball career in college. “Journalist” A.G. Gancarski argued in his now-infamous piece that “the Bulldogs,” the Yale University baseball team, “struggled during his time [there].”

Carnaski would copy and paste a less-than-flattering report from unknown reporter Walker Carnahan implying that DeSantis had failed his team.

“With DeSantis at the helm, the Bulldogs took a small step forward, but still finished last in the Ivy League with just six conference victories. Though DeSantis led the team in hits and set a new personal best in batting average with .336, he could not replicate the overall potency of his junior campaign.” ~ A.G. Gancarski writing for Florida Politics

However, an analysis of DeSantis’s Yale career shows excellent performance on the field and respect from his teammates. The Florida Governor boasted an impressive .380 on-base percentage – well above the .3 and .35 averages that typically distinguish between a good and mediocre player.

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Despite a young DeSantis showing excellent skill in batting, the team apparently couldn’t keep up. Yale frequently found itself behind all other Ivy’s in wins by the end of every season – something which “Florida Politics” attributed to the lacking leadership of Ron DeSantis.

“The Daily Pennsylvanian notes that the Governor was by all accounts a good captain, but the Bulldogs struggled during his time on the team.” ~ A.G. Gancarski

However, Gancarski intentionally leaves out how DeSantis’s team and schoolmates felt about his leadership. The “Yale Daily” student paper said the 2024 hopeful has “done nothing but shine.” The student paper also reports the opinion of a teammate, who called the now-Florida governor a “true leader on and off the field.”

“DeSantis has done nothing but shine since coming to Yale, either. In 1998 he earned the team’s Rookie of the Year Honors… ‘He’s a great captain,’ Kyle Cousin ’04 said. ‘He helps everybody out. He is a true leader on and off the field.'” ~ Ron Vaccaro writing for Yale Daily News

Despite implying that DeSantis plunged the team further into the abyss, the Florida governor only led the team over his senior year. During that time, he slightly improved their already-abysmal win-loss numbers.

In other words, not only is Gancarski’s piece a desperate measure that is irrelevant 20 years later – it is a categorically false report based on malicious misrepresentation of the facts.

Online masses reacted poorly to the hit-piece, arguing that it lacked substance.

Supporters pointed to DeSantis’s landslide 2022 re-election victory as another example of “outperforming the team.”

Other supporters mocked Gancarski’s article.

“Wow. This is so damaging. Did he also forget to return a grocery cart one time?” ~@Keggs719 on Twitter

The Florida governor is no stranger to manufactured outrage and desperate media attacks. Late-June remarks in which the governor complimented basketball players were similarly misrepresented across leftist legacy media.

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