[Video] Woman Delivers Stunning Takedown of ‘Trans Cult’ – ‘You’re Not the Hero… You’re the Villain’

As the Democratic Party continues to spiral down the path of radical gender ideology, they are more convinced that future Americans will regard them as heroes.

When Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill in April to make gender identity a protected class, she declared she was “proud” to put her state “on the right side of history.” In June, president of the Human Rights Campaign Kelly Robinson boldly proclaimed in a ‘Hill’ op-ed that corporations that promote transgenderism “will be on the right side of history.”

One woman, however, has a message for the increasingly radical Left,

“You’re not the hero, babes. You’re the villain.”

In a viral clip posted to X on Monday, account user @mslisterssis dismantled the transgender movement and took a shot at the Left’s sloganeering about “the right side of history.”

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“This is a message for all the trans allies out there,” the woman said. “Everything about trans ideology is a lie. And it’s a lie that is the exact opposite of the truth.”

“Let’s start with the basics. Trans women are not women. They are the opposite of women. They’re men.

And trans men are not men. They are the opposite of men. They’re women.

Trans rights are not human rights granted to all, but special privileges demanded by a few, that remove the human rights of women, homosexuals, and children. And trans rights activism is not a civil rights movement–the natural successor to gay rights–but a homophobic cult that has attached itself, leech-like, to gay rights and is steadily killing the host.”

The account user also called out the “trans cult” for promoting drastic and “grotesque” transgender procedures for minors.

“Within the doublethink dystopia of the trans cult, ‘gender affirming care’ is sex-denying abuse that mutilates healthy bodies and creates lifelong patients for profit. And protecting trans kids is in fact grotesque child abuse that destroys their puberty, their fertility, and their future.”

“And so, your allyship is, in fact, your complicity in the greatest medical scandal since lobotomies,” the woman continued.

“And in this dark and tragic chapter in human history, you’re not the hero, babes. You’re the villain.”

The video has received more than 150,000 views.

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After the aptly-named “trans cult” began leaving comments under the video, the woman posted a follow-up tweet referring to the promotion of “gender-affirming care” as “medical malpractice.”

“Puberty is an essential bodily phase. It is NEVER a disease and this doesn’t change because a child doesn’t fit perfectly into 1950’s gender stereotypes. This is medical malpractice and needs to stop! Children cannot consent to puberty blockers!!” ~ @mslisterssis

“Bloody brilliant,” wrote one commenter. “In this short clip, you encapsulate everything we are fighting for.”

“A Warrior for Womankind. Don’t stop your messages,” wrote another user. “Women and children need your truth.”

“Everyone in the world should be able to hear your message! Thank you for such a powerfully succinct exposition of the ‘gender’ cult.” ~ Fraserreal [@bluecanoelove]

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