[Video] Meteorologist Collapses on Live TV Broadcast in Terrifying Moment

On Saturday, a terrifying moment was captured on camera of a Los Angeles meteorologist collapsing during a live broadcast. CBS LA weatherwoman Alissa Schwartz was about to present her morning report when her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and the color drained from her face. Schwartz began to slump forward while her colleagues talked and then fell out of her chair onto the floor.

“Who is ready for some sunshine? I know I am!” co-anchor Nichelle Medina said during the lead-in to Schwartz’s segment.

“Alissa, this really is the calm before the storm,” she added, unaware of what was happening.

Alissa, this really is the calm before the storm, Click to Tweet

Schwartz tried to maintain her smile but could be seen struggling in her seat before losing consciousness. Co-anchor Rachel Kim seemed shocked, letting out an “oh!”

The producers quickly cut to commercial.

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“You know, we’re going to go ahead and go to break right now,” Medina told the audience.

“Yeah,” Kim seconded.

She later regained consciousness and posted to her Instagram story that afternoon,

“Thanks for all the texts, messages, and calls! I’m going to be ok!”

Schwartz is an award-winning meteorologist and was crowned “Mrs. California” in a 2018 competition. She experienced another health scare in 2014 at a different station, where she vomited on air while filling in for a coworker. After visiting a doctor, she discovered she suffered from a leaky heart valve.

“They told me that, eventually, the valve would probably have to be replaced. They didn’t know when it would wear out,” Schwartz told KGET Bakersfield in 2018.

After the diagnosis, Schwartz explained that she and her husband adopted a healthier lifestyle. But months after the couple welcomed a newborn daughter, Schwartz says she had to return to the hospital after experiencing chest pains.

“It comes back that the valve had actually started to repair itself. The stem cells from my baby had started to heal my heart,” she said in the emotional interview.

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It is unclear if Schwartz’s fainting is related to her previous heart issues.

Hours after the broadcast aired, CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director Mike Dello Stritto stated to TMZ,

“Our colleague Alissa Carlson became ill during our 7 AM newscast this morning. I want to thank her co-workers who took immediate action to comfort Alissa and call 911. Alissa is being treated at the hospital right now. Hopefully we’ll know more shortly. In the meantime, Alissa will be in our thoughts and we’re praying for her to be feeling much better soon.”

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