Sean Hannity Ditches New York for ‘Free State of Florida’

Sean Hannity has permanently relocated from New York to Palm Beach, Florida, the Fox News star revealed Tuesday. A former resident of Long Island, Hannity had frequently threatened to flee the Empire State in past years. During a “breaking news” segment on his radio show, he revealed that he had finally followed through on his promise.

“If anybody is listening to this program for any length of time, been threatening now to do this for quite a while,” Hannity told his listeners.

“But we are now beginning our first broadcast of my new home, and that is in the free state of Florida. I am out. I am done. I’m finished. New York, New York. Goodbye. Florida. Florida. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But it’s great to be here.”

Hannity’s move is the latest in a mass exodus from blue states like New York and California, which accelerated during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have made similar moves to Florida and Texas, citing lower costs of living and safer communities.

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Hannity explained that he was driven from New York by Democrat policies and said he was relieved to be represented by officials who share his values finally,

“And finally, for the first time that I can think of in my adult life, I actually have representatives in the state that I’m living in that share my values. I have a governor by the name of Ron DeSantis and, Senators Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott. So I’m feeling a lot better about it, and I’m not going to go through the ‘whys.'”

“The ‘how’ comes because it’s obvious this migration out of the blue states with high taxes, burdensome regulation, high crime, horrible school districts is real,” Hannity continued. “And if anything, I’m probably late and behind the curve, and many others have made the move beforehand.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 1 million people relocated to Florida in 2022, including over 90,000 New Yorkers and over 50,000 Californians.

The list of new Florida residents in recent years has also come to include several famous names, including former President Donald Trump, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin. Most of the active voters moving to Florida are registered Republicans.

An October report by the Florida Division of Elections found that Republicans had 588,930 more registered voters than Democrats in the state.

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According to National Association of Realtors data, California experienced the most significant net migration losses in 2022 at 343,230 people. New York followed in second place with a net migration loss of 299,557 people.

Hannity previously purchased a $5.3 million seaside condo in Palm Beach in 2021, located close by Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. The news host has regularly hosted his Fox News show from his home in Long Island. It is unclear if there are any plans to relocate his studio.

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