Photos: Jack’s Cocktail Party

I wanted to hold a politico cocktail party at my home in Boca Raton Friday night for about 15-30 people, and somehow, it grew into a 55-person party, and I still didn’t invite everyone I wanted to.

The idea was old friends of mine meeting new friends of mine and welcoming some new people into the world of Palm Beach County politics.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and we tried to get photos of everyone, but it was impossible, so here are some of the photos we did manage to take.

L-R: Jack Furnari, John R. Smith, Andree Fladell (The Prince), Steve Wallace, Robert Coker, and Ellyn Bogdanoff
Maria Marino, Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 1, Ellyn Bogdanoff, Tracy Caruso, and Mary McCarty
Jack Furnari (me) with Sara Baxter, Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 6.
Mike and Tracy Caruso
Florida Rep. Mike Caruso, R-West Palm Beach, and his wife, Florida Jolt Editor at Large Tracy Caruso

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John R. Smith, Maria Marino, Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 1, and Joseph Abruzzo, Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller for Palm Beach County
Candidate for Palm Beach County State Attorney Rolando Silva, John R. Smith, and Andree Fladell
Robert Coker
Palm Beach County Republican Party Chair Kevin Neal, Bryan Rudnick, Jack Furnari, and Bob Rubin.
Michael Furnari, Tracy Caruso, and Craig Agranoff.
Palm Beach County Republican Party Chair Kevin Neal and John R. Smith, Chairman of BizPac
Florida Jolt Editor & Technology Operations Director Lisa Gaal with her County Commissioner, Maria Marino
The best hostess ever, my wife, Lisa Furnari, talking to Tracy Caruso

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Michael Furnari with Andres Montero
Jack Furnari (me) hanging with Palm Beach County Commissioner Maria Marino
Francesca Daniels and Jodi Schwartz
Michael Furnari, Judge Ed Artau, and Jack Furnari
Alex Braunstein and Debra Jenks
Hispanic Vote Chair Jorge Garrido with Tracy Caruso
Michael Furnari and Robert Harvey
Brian Stenberg talking to Cody Steed
Gary Rosner and Robe
Gary Rosner and Robert Harvey
Craig Agranoff and Bill Reicherter
Phil Ward, Ellyn Bogdanoff, Mike Caruso and Jack Furnari
Andre Fladell, Michael Furnari, Jack Furnari, and John R. Smith

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