Palm Beach County Schools to Keep Bible in Libraries Despite Challenge From Left-Wing Rabbi

The Palm Beach County school system will not remove the Bible from library shelves following a unanimous vote by school board members on Wednesday. The decision comes despite complaints from one parent who described the book as promoting hate and “violence.”

Social justice activist and Rabbi Barry Silver first objected to the Bible being on library shelves in April, filing a formal complaint against Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, where his son was enrolled.

Silver has described the book as containing “misogyny, violence, sexual conduct, rape, incest, animal cruelty, abuse, antisemitism, anti-science, and indoctrination.”

The complaint had been rejected three times before Wednesday’s vote, including by the school’s material review committee, principal, and Palm Beach County Superintendent Mike Burke. Burke later stated on Wednesday that it was apparent that Silver’s appeal was “intended to send a message” and added that he was “not comfortable banning any book for the sake of making a point.”

Florida law explicitly permits the study of the Bible and religion under the Early Learning-20 Education Code.

“The district school board may install in the public schools in the district a secular program of education including, but not limited to, an objective study of the Bible and of religion.” ~ Florida Statutes 1003.45

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“I am pleased that the District voted against banning the Bible in our schools,” parental rights activist and former school board candidate Amanda Silvestri told Florida Jolt.

“Removing books that are not age appropriate is imperative, and removing the Bible is not. I believe the request to remove the Bible was a way of retaliating against the removal of books that include masturbating and gender confusion. The parents of Palm Beach County are thankful that the request was unsuccessful.”~Amanda Silvestri

Former County Commissioner Robert Weinroth agreed, telling the Jolt that Silver’s motion to remove the Bible was “morally reprehensible.”

“It is morally reprehensible to hear a Rabbi stand before an elected body and claim the Bible should be removed from our schools no matter what his purported motive.” ~ Robert Weinroth

Weinroth is a candidate for Palm Beach County school board in District 5.

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Holy Bible

According to the Palm Beach Post, more than 30 protesters demonstrated outside of the school district office ahead of the vote. They represent a shrinking Left wing in Florida, which has become vocally opposed to parents’ efforts to remove sexually explicit and racially divisive material from their kids’ classrooms.

One organizer for the protest, Mikki Royce, went as far as to tell the outlet that removing inappropriate material from schools constitutes “bigotry” and is “un-American.”

“It’s a great way to create an ignorant population,” she added.

Despite the protest over supposed ‘book banning,’ the Palm Beach County school system has not yet removed any books from its shelves. Instead, other local districts have taken action.

A Wednesday report by WPTV News indicated that despite the vote, Silver has no plans to drop his complaint and may pursue legal action at the state level.

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