No More Cheating With ChatGPT – Schools Go Back To Paper Exams

On a positive note that can give us hope for the future, teachers are returning to paper exams for schools because many students have been caught cheating on exams by using OpenAI’s artificial intelligence bot, ChatGPT. 

Students are regurgitating information from Artificial Intelligence bots such as ChatGPT. Florida must return to paper exams and handwritten papers for students to become the future thought leaders America needs them to be.

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According to the New York Post, a writing professor says;

We’re in full-on crisis mode. 

The professor has caught dozens of students plagiarizing using ChatGPT. The scariest part is that these kids aren’t even reading the answers the bot is giving them. How does he know this? They’re using the answers they’re given word for word. He says;

I had answers that said, I am just an AI language model; I don’t have an opinion.

As a result, this school in Canada is overhauling its required writing course to make it more personalized. The assignments will encourage students to write about their experiences, opinions, and perspectives. They’re also enforcing a rule forbidding the use of Artificial Intelligence. 

There is going to be a significant shift back to paper-based tests. – Bonnie MacKeller, computer science professor at St. John’s University in Queens, NY

MacKellar says that the school has already had significant plagiarism problems with students using computer code from the internet and that colleagues who teach humanities courses are saying the same thing; she now requires students to handwrite code.

Students accustomed to using technological advances to take exams must get used to good old-fashioned paper.

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I hope Florida schools at all grade levels implement the same rules. Florida Jolt has reported on the liberal bias of ChatGPT. What people need to understand is that AI models are not independent thinkers. Although they claim not to have an opinion on anything, they hold extreme views programmed into their system by the people who created it. If you use AI and understand these biases exist, you can use it for its worth. If you don’t or are an impressionable teenager, for example, AI can be used for brainwashing and extreme manipulation. 

As of now, ChatGPT could be better in terms of information. It’s often wrong, and all answers should be fact-checked with other sources, but those kinks will be worked out shortly. ChatGPT will be a tool many use, and people who learn to work with it will have a promising future. Will it replace specific jobs? Definitely, but then again, everyone thought fax machines and answering machines would be the death of the workplace, but it wasn’t. It changed how we worked, and specific tasks became more efficient. This is the same thing. 

What concerns me about AI and tools like ChatGPT is what’s already happening with children using it. They’re depending on a computer program for all of the answers. The future is about moving forward in all areas; we will need leaders to make that happen. Children of today will be tomorrow’s thought leaders, decision-makers, inventors, and creators. They need to learn how to take in information, learn from it, make sense of it, and then be able to express it verbally and through written expression to the world.

I sincerely hope that Florida and the rest of the US will go back to written exams and papers for all grade levels and that students will have to write papers using their ideas and personal opinions that a bot can’t create for them. That’s how to develop independent future leaders America needs, instead of blind sheep who do what they’re told. 

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