Mother Speaks Out After 12-Year Old Son Attacked, Strangled on School Bus

Virginia mom is demanding justice after sharing disturbing video of her 12-year-old son being strangled on a school bus by a classmate. The attack reportedly happened in January, but video only surfaced on Friday. The boy’s mom is calling on the school to hold the bully accountable and implement harsher punishments to deter something like this from happening again.

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“On January 23, 2023, my son was assaulted and strangled on the school bus by another student,” mother Taylor Brock wrote in a blog post. She said she discovered what had happened when her son came home crying with bruises on his neck.

Brock’s son is in seventh grade, and was riding the bus home when another student, a young girl, attacked him. “This wasn’t two kids fighting. This was one child continuing to attack and strangle another student.”

The disturbing, minute-long video shows the girl approach Brock’s son and grab his head. She slaps the boy’s face before grabbing his throat and choking him. The boy did not fight back, and nobody else stepped in to intervene.

After receiving the video from another student, Brock says she discovered that this was actually the second time the girl had strangled her son. She immediately reported the attack to the school, and the showed them the video.

“The school said they couldn’t tell me what action would be taken against the girl but that they would take care of it,” Brock wrote. “I went to the courthouse and got a 2 week protection order for my son, which noted that she was to remain a minimum of 50 feet away which I gave to the school.”

But Brock says the school only suspended the girl briefly and, upon her return, made no effort to enforce the protection order.

“My son told me that he passes by her in the hall and that she chose to sit behind him at lunch, knowing the protection order was in place. Not only did the girl not take this protection order seriously, but the school didn’t either.”

Now, she is demanding accountability, and says that the school is cover up the attack.

“School’s [sic] need to be held accountable for inadequately protecting our children. They can’t create a safe environment for our kids if they sweep these violent acts under the rug, hoping no one hears about them.”

Brock says she plans to enroll her son in a different school going forward. Her son is seeking therapy as a result of the disturbing assault.

“We must hold schools accountable and I hope that shining a light on this instance, fortunately caught on camera, and on the school’s reaction to it, will get parents to speak up and stand together to show the world that things need to change.”

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A February report from the Center for Disease Control showed a dramatic increase in the rates of violence and depression in American schools. The latest spike began during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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