Meet ‘Ace,’ the Non-binary, Disabled ‘Artist’ Supporting Boynton’s Controversial Statue

The Palm Beach Post wrote a story about the art controversy in Boynton in which they sought to discredit critics of Boynton’s fifteen-foot sculpture “Harmony” by artist Patti Warashina by talking about the politics of citizens but conveniently said nothing about the Art Advisory Board’s politics.

Florida Jolt’s Tracy Caruso wrote about the art controversy on August 12 in Boynton Beach Art Advisory Bd. Approves Controversial Sculpture. 

The “Harmony” statue appears to be a vaguely Asian-looking harlequin clown, holding what appears to be an orchestra conductor’s baton in one hand and a musical note in the other while sitting on a ball. Some see it as cute and funny. Some see it as ugly. Others see it as a nonbinary, demonic monstrosity, with what appears to be a scar where breasts would typically be and a c-section scar on its stomach—the stuff of children’s nightmares. A three-two majority vote approved the statue, which will go up at the PBS building, ~Tracy Caruso

The controversy over the art piece is what it is, but the Palm Beach Post wants you to know that some critics are (gasp) Trump supporters.

Cindy Falco DiCorrado, a well-known supporter of Trump and a former Boynton Beach mayoral candidate, said all of Warashina’s art is “politically motivated” and meant to be “a satire on people who are conservatives.”

“That is not harmony,” she said of the statue coming to Boynton Beach. “It’s diversity. Again, we’ve had enough diversity in our community, haven’t we?” ~Palm Beach Post

Why is DiCorrado’s support of President Trump relevant? The answer is that it isn’t. In the writer’s mind, DiCorrado’s political views are “deplorable,” so her opinion of public art in her hometown is irrelevant and easily dismissed by her leftist “betters.” If you miss the point, the Post inserts a massive photo of DiCorrado across the street from Mar-a-Lago with her hand over her heart and holding a sign that says, “I stand with Pres. Donald J. Trump.” Behind DiCorrado is a gentleman holding a sign that says “Trump Won.”

Cindy Falco DiCorrado
Cindy Falco DiCorrado

You can read the full post here: Race, sex and politics: ‘Harmony’ sculpture prompts debates, changes to public art in Boynton

But one has to wonder why Art Advisory Board member Ace Tilton Ratcliff’s politics weren’t also discussed. “Ace,” who describes herself as a “nonbinary, queer, disabled writer, artist, and accessibility consultant,” is the one who tried to stop a woman from talking at the art advisory board because she was white.

Since the Post has introduced you to DiCorrado, I’d like to introduce you to “Ace.”

Ace tilton Ratcliff

As you can see below, ole Ace doesn’t like Republicans very much. It certainly looks like she hates all of us in the GOP. I’d like to know what a hater like this is doing on an Art Advisory Board that’s supposed to serve all of Boynton Beach, not just the people Ace likes.

I'd like to know what a hater like this is doing on an Art Advisory Board that's supposed to serve all of Boynton Beach, not just the people Ace likes. Click to Tweet

Ace tilton Ratcliff

Except for mentioning Ratcliff trying to silence a woman for being white at the Art Advisory Board meeting, no mention is made of Ratcliff’s extremism.

There’s a meeting of the city commission on Sept. 5 where the statue’s fate will ultimately be decided, and we’re not done with this story by a long shot.

In a world where I had to choose between art selected by Cindy Falco DiCorrado or art chosen by Ace Tilton Ratcliff, the nonbinary, queer, disabled writer, artist, accessibility consultant, and former mortician who posts on something called “Bitch Media” and thinks white women aren’t allowed to speak at public meetings, I’m going with DiCorrado every time.

I’m betting the people of Boyton Beach agree.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of Ratcliff trying to stop a white woman from speaking.

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