Matt Walsh Humiliates Nina Turner For Not Knowing What a Woman Is

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh called out progressive activist Nina Turner on Twitter yesterday for her circular definition of “woman” after she went after Ron DeSantis for using the word “woke.”

“Hey [Ron DeSantis], please define woke,” Turner wrote on Twitter. “And don’t use that ‘cultural Marxism’ line because that means nothing. If you’re going to have a ‘war’ on something, say what you mean.”

Generally speaking, cultural Marxism is the notion of creating absolute equality in social hierarchies and orders, similar to the equality that regular Marxism seeks to impose on economies. Turner’s attempted ‘own’ of the Governor may have sounded good in her head, but other Twitter users took issue with the activist’s equating of cultural Marxism to “nothing.”

Turner, however, did not let it go.

Eventually, Turner offered her own ‘definition’ of what woke means: a message that is just code for racism and homophobia. Awfully convenient.

“Woke” is a clear anti-Black, anti-LGBTQIA+ dogwhistle. Meanwhile, these figureheads screaming “woke woke woke!” are fighting for the interests of the 1%.”

One Twitter user replied to Turner’s original tweet asking DeSantis for a definition of woke by asking Turner to define woman, to which Turner responded with a circular definition.

“If someone says they’re a woman, they’re a woman. Not a tough concept.”

A claim that nearly 10,000 Twitter users were quick to mock with several examples employing her logic.

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However, the most notable response came from Daily Wire Host and creator of the “What is a Woman?” documentary Matt Walsh, who broke down exactly why Turner’s definition fails, citing its circularity and, therefore, its overwhelming lack of specificity.

“1) That’s not a definition 2) By that logic, anyone can be anything and no words have any meaning”

More replies of support for Walsh’s criticism, and mockery of Turner, quickly appeared.

On Sunday, Turner offered another weak response to Walsh by going after him personally, instead of addressing his question.

“Matt, normal people tend to stay respectful and keep it moving. Constantly being obsessed with other people’s gender identity is weird behavior. You have your audience so fixated on LGBTQIA+ issues so they won’t fight a class war.”

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The online spat comes in the wake of another scuffle over the infamous “What is a Woman?” question.

In honor of the first anniversary of its release, the “What is a Woman?” documentary can be viewed for free on Twitter at the time of writing.

In the lead-up to its release, Twitter expressed some signs it may limit the video’s reach. Upon its release, it did just that, preventing followers of the Daily Wire account from seeing it and preventing any direct sharing or retweeting of the film. The Daily Wire hosts quickly tagged Twitter owner and self-styled free speech champion Elon Musk, asking what was happening.

Musk eventually arrived and fixed the problem,

Musk even retweeted the film, saying, “Every parent should watch this.”

The Daily Wire’s Tweet documentary has garnered more than 160 million views since being posted to Twitter.

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