Mary McCarty draws power players to packed cocktail party

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Mary McCarty draws power players to packed cocktail party

Former Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty threw a cocktail party last Saturday night that attracted a bevy of the county’s political power players.

I attended with my wife Lisa, and she hung out most of the evening with our old friend Lisa Macci and her new friend Margherita Downey.

A fantastic party. I was there as a friend and guest, not a journalist, so I won’t go into much detail about who was there.

For many who attended, including my wife and me, it was the first time we’ve been around that many people in two years.

Neither one of us has sneezed yet.


L-R: Gladys Martinez, Al Zucaro, Rep. Mike Caruso, Yvonne Boice, Arlene Herson, Mary McCarty, Richard Lucas

Cindy Falco Di Corrado

Police arrested Di Corrado in Einstein’s Bagel Shop in January of 2021 for refusing to wear a mask. I know a political activist who asked me to let Di Corrado tell her story.

On Monday morning, Feb. 28, the morning of her sentencing PBCJolt published, Illegal use of the trespass law has become a political weapon

The $Sun-Sentinel covered her sentencing.

In the end, the judge merely said she knew of no legal standing where she could throw out the verdict but that Falco-DiCorrado would not be going to jail or be placed on probation. The judge withheld adjudication, and told Falco-DiCorrado she would have to pay standard court costs, but no fines.

After the verdict, someone yelled, “Halleluiah.”

My experienced political ear interprets that sentence as the judge thinking something like, “I’m not getting stuck with this hot potato, get the hell out of here with this nonsense.”

Get used to hearing more from the unheard in the pages of PBC Jolt. Whether you agree with DiCorrado or not, I thought she deserved to get treated with respect and be allowed to tell her side of the story.

The PBC Jolt tagline of working for “we the people” is not just a snappy phrase. I mean it.

The Ukraine

Many of us want to help the Ukrainians, but be careful how you do it. Scammers and fake charities are all over the place. Be especially careful of donating to anything by email ever.

I was reminded of this by an email I subscribe to from Kim Komando Scam alert: How to spot fake Ukrainian aid sites before you donate.

Kim Komando has a tech site and radio show, and she always has some interesting tips.

You can donate directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine War: Info and ways to help

I want to help the Ukranians fight and win, not just mop up the mess after they’ve been massacred.

Please email me at [email protected] with political news tips, announcements, events, etc. All communications will be strictly confidential.

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