Manatee Dies From Incestuous Homosexual Sex

In today’s “Only in Florida” episode, a manatee died earlier this year after having too much “high-intensity” incestuous homosexual sex with his brother.

Manatee died in a Sarasota aquarium as a result of his larger brother repeatedly having sex with him that was supposedly ‘consensual.’

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According to the NY Post, a USDA report obtained by ABC 7 said;

Necropsy results revealed that 38-year-old Hugh died in April after succumbing to traumatic injuries caused by a sexual encounter with another, larger, male manatee at the facility — his brother, Buffett. One of the fatal injuries was a 14.5-centimeter rip in Hugh’s colon.

At approximately 5:15 pm, the larger male was observed penetrating, the smaller male again. When the larger male swam away, the smaller male was seen unresponsive at the bottom of the pool. It was confirmed that he had passed.”

Here’s where it gets interesting. The handlers said that the manatee brothers had been engaging in “consensual and natural” mating behavior for two months leading up to the smaller brother’s death, and there were “no signs of obvious discomfort,” yet they were the only two manatees in the aquarium. 

The brother manatees have lived in Sarasota’s Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium since 1996. Are we all supposed to believe that the behavior of these manatees was normal? How do these aquarium people know the brother who was experiencing this liked it and wasn’t in pain? Are they saying this animal wanted it or asked for it? Unless Hugh said, “Hey, I’m good. I love this,” there’s no way they would just know that the portly fellow was ok with it. He died. It wasn’t as good for him as for his gargantuan brother, who overtook him. Did it ever occur to anyone that they might be starved for companionship after twenty-something years outside of the manatee community? 

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The NY Post continues with;

Animal keepers allowed the pair to continue necking without attempts to separate the two out of fear it would cause “undue anxiety and negative effects in both manatees.”Experts tried redirecting Hugh and Buffett’s attention from one another while heavily monitoring the two. On April 29, animal staff noticed a significant “change in [Hugh’s] behavior” — prompting them to collect the bloody stool sample — but did not interfere with Buffett’s continued efforts to “mount his ailing brother.”

This brings up so many questions. Were the manatees just lonely? Are manatees just prone to incestuous behavior? Is it possible that manatees don’t care if they’re copulating with a male or female manatee? Will taxpayers now pay millions for some manatee sex study to answer these pressing questions? In all seriousness, let’s get real. This facility should be looked at and possibly closed down. This appears to be nothing but a case of neglect. 

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