Luxury Living: 2023 Design Trends Transforming Palm Beach’s Real Estate Landscape

With the ever-changing nature of the real estate market, one thing has remained constant: Renovated homes are in, and they are selling much faster than fixer-uppers. Home trends are consistently changing, and what was “in” 10 years ago is already considered to be dated by today’s standards. Here are some of the top renovation and décor trends in 2023 that are sure to attract ready buyers.

Start with the color palette. The first thing a buyer will notice about your property is how it makes them feel within the first few seconds of walking through the door, and color has a big impact on a buyer’s emotions. Today’s Palm Beach buyer tends to favor light, bright, airy colors – a distinct difference from the old-world grandeur that has been commonplace in Palm Beach (you can thank the snowbirds). When in doubt, stick with whites, beiges, and anything neutral. White walls, both interior and exterior, are a must. While wallpaper has become increasingly popular, it is trickier to master and can vary in added value depending on the buyer’s preference. Stick to minimalistic wallpaper and stay away from bright colors. One of the biggest mistakes I see with color palettes is in children’s rooms. While your child might dream of a bright pink or green bedroom, I can guarantee that your future buyer does not.

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As with your walls, you will also want to stick to lighter flooring. Modern buyers tend to favor either white tiles, marble, or light wood. One of the biggest trends right now is oak wood flooring. Oakwood feels lighter and cleaner while also offering an air of elegance. Although carpet might be popular for bedrooms, please keep it in the bedrooms. Carpeted living rooms were once popular, but that trend was left in the 70s with Elvis’s home.

For those who crave color, focus on furniture. Adding a pop of color to your furniture can brighten the room and draw attention to specific areas. A very notable furniture piece that is “in” is the Cloud Couch by Restoration Hardware. A staple piece that offers both a modern style and a touch of luxury, this white couch has become commonplace among the rich and famous. Many homeowners have contrasted the white sofa with adding a bright centerpiece or colorful armchairs. Others have opted to furnish their homes with bright furniture fully. Try not to make your furniture too monotonous and maximize your space. A common mistake with furniture is simply having too much of it. Although furnishing can make a house look bigger, too much furniture can have the opposite effect.

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Open kitchens are another crucial part of the equation. Modern buyers prefer an open floor plan that utilizes indoor and outdoor space, and an open kitchen makes the living area feel more spacious. Try sticking with neutral-colored cabinets, but don’t be afraid to add a fun backsplash! An open kitchen also allows for a large island that can be paired with colorful stools for a further pop of color. Updated kitchen appliances are often overlooked and can add a lot of value for a new homebuyer, so try trading your white refrigerator for stainless steel.

Luxury open kitchen rendering

While these are the most significant design trends, you don’t have to forfeit your taste to sell your home or impress your friends at the next dinner party. For homeowners who love a more traditional style, there is still an opportunity to update your home without changing its foundation and character. Focus on the basics – coloring, furniture, and lighting. Nobody likes a home that feels too crowded. Do you have eclectic, old-school furniture you adore and have collected over the years? Perhaps try putting a few pieces in storage while your home is on the market to make the space feel more open. Do you love your dark, hardwood floors, and maroon-colored walls? Perhaps try painting your walls a lighter color, or add additional lighting to brighten the space. Small changes can make a big difference, and you don’t always have to forfeit the integrity of your home to make it appealable.

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