Karine Jean-Pierre Snaps at Reporter for Asking if WH Cocaine Belonged to Hunter

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre snapped at a reporter on Friday who had asked her to say “once and for all” whether the cocaine found at the White House belonged to a Biden family member. Jean-Pierre couldn’t give a straight answer.

Instead of saying yes or no, Jean-Pierre obfuscated, growing angry and attacking the reporter for daring to ask the question, calling it “irresponsible.” Jean-Pierre also argued the question had already been answered since the Biden family wasn’t in the White House when the drug happened to be found in the West Wing but did not elaborate precisely why this made Biden’s alleged non-ownership obvious.

“You know, there has been some irresponsible reporting about the family, and so I’ve got to call that out here. And I have been very clear. I was clear two days ago when talking about this over and over again as I was being asked a question, as you know, and media outlets reported this – the Biden family was not here, they were not here, they were at Camp David. They were not here Friday, they were not here Saturday, they were not here Sunday. They were not even here Monday. They came back here on Tuesday.”

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Jean-Pierre then put an exclamation mark on the idea by again calling the reporter irresponsible before slamming her briefing book on the podium, indicating the end of the line of questioning.

“So to ask that question is actually incredibly irresponsible, and I’ll just leave it there.” She then slammed her briefing book off the podium.

President Biden had been at the White House Friday, commenting on recent Supreme Court Decisions. On top of that, Hunter Biden was spotted leaving the White House with the president and first lady Jill Biden last Friday, as they departed for the Camp David trip.

Before Friday’s briefing, Jean-Pierre had answered questions about the cocaine discovery by telling reporters to contact the Secret Service, who are conducting an investigation. The Secret Service  referred to their probe into the cocaine’s origin as “open and active.”

In another statement, Jean-Pierre again insisted that the White House has answered the inquiry.

“So we’re not avoiding the question that is not true,” she said. “We have answered this question; we have litigated this question the last two days exhaustively.”

Jean-Pierre’s comments are emblematic of the broader media reaction.

One user, a HuffPost journalist, claimed he would not care if Trump’s White House was immersed in the same scandal, that he wouldn’t care.

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Another user strenuously disagreed, calling out the HuffPost journalist and the rest of the media for their hypocrisy.

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