Gabrielle Fox Officially Announces Her Campaign For Florida House of Representatives

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida — Gabrielle Fox releases the following statement officially announcing her campaign to represent Florida’s 94th district in the House of Representatives:

Gabrielle Fox, Candidate
Gabrielle Fox, Candidate for House of Representatives District 94

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“I am excited to announce that I am officially running for the Florida State House seat in District 94. As your representative, my focus will be on advancing the rights of Floridians, protecting our children from the radical socialist agenda, and promoting our Florida-First agenda. If elected, I intend to pass real Constitutional Carry legislation, combat inflation by supporting Florida-based manufacturing and local farming, and restore traditional American values in our classrooms.  I vow to fight for each and every Floridian that I have the honor of representing.  Together, we can protect our children’s future, defend our Constitutional rights, and make the Free State of Florida an even better place to live.”

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