Former Marine Justin Eggen will battle it out in FL District 87

Once again, State House District 87 will be up for grabs this year, and Marine Justin Eggen has thrown his hat in the ring. In 2010, Justin Eggen was serving in Afghanistan as a heavy machine gunner in a lead gun truck. By 2011, Justin was the Guide, Lead Gun Truck Commander, and Platoon Navigator for Route Clearance in his unit, which was responsible for clearing IEDs. After leaving the service, Justin pursued a successful career as a writer. Eggen’s “Verses & Curses Tour” won the Sacramento Film & Music Festival’s Juror Award and Critics Award for Best Documentary in 2019. He also won the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation’s Robert A. Gannon Award for poetry for his books “The Art of Warrior Poetry” (2019) and “The Sun Rises in Helmand” (2020). In addition, Justin has also been a guest lecturer at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), is the current President of the FAU Veteran Owls and has done book tours and speaking engagements across the nation.

Veteran’s issues are at the top of Justin’s priority list followed by education and maintaining Florida’s waterways:

“Waterways and Florida are seemingly one and the same; Florida isn’t thought of without the thought of water, canals, lakes, and beaches. Justin’s goal is to ensure clean waterways and clean water is at the top of legislative issues in Tallahassee. Nearly every major road in District 87 has a canal running alongside it, or you can find a body of water close by, whether in community parks or neighborhoods. We need to preserve our waterways to ensure our children’s children are able to enjoy the beauty we have enjoyed all our lives.”

On top of all that, Justin is married and has devoted his life to being a good dad to his son. In fact, when I asked the lifelong resident of District 87 what inspired him to finally run for office, he said, “I want to be a great role model for my son, and when he grows up, I want him to know that his dad tried to do something about the way the country is now.” 

When I asked what he thought was wrong with politics today, he noted, “I don’t like self-serving career politicians. They could do so much good, but they are there to serve themselves instead of the people. It has become so polarized that’s there’s no middle ground. Politicians just care about being reelected. I want to go to the capital to do something for my district. We can’t actually complete anything for the greater good if we’re just arguing with each other and trying to ruin each other’s lives.”

Everyone you run across says they’re tired of politics as usual in America. Well, if you want to change politics in America and in Florida, then you have to change the sort of people you put in office. Justin Eggen is a combat veteran whose first priority is looking out for his country and his district. He doesn’t look or sound like the same kind of politician that has been running this country into the ground over the past few decades. If you want a civic-minded candidate that’s different than the standard politician, Justin Eggen might be your guy.

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